With the music industry in a spiral. Harlem music producer Eleven Ego Crusher finds another endevor to promote female artists. Best known for his behind the scenes with Def Jam & Sony, Eleven the creator of the 1st All Female Music site and She Got Next has now created The Ikonic Label. A all female label even recruited a female staff Ms Chloe (A&R / Promotion) , Ashley Nyx (A&R / in house produce) and Issa (Project Manager). With mentors like Senior Publicist Leyla Turkkan (Atlantic Records & Def Jam and the legendary Nile Rodgers best known for his work with Madonna & Daft Punk. The Ikonic Label is steering for the Grammys and American Music Awards with they breakout artist Pretty Lyon single “Da Butt”. Eleven states “Nowadays there’s so many revenue streams for artists. Most don’t have the knowledge. They jus put they song in Spotify and iTunes and say they have a single out”. Ikonic have a different protocol from the average label. “The black woman is the most disrespected species on the planet, my job is to protect them and I have the perfect team.