From changing someone’s life, to leaving an impression on a community, the socially responsible songwriters often leave a legacy that continues to benefit the public.

One of those very few songwriters who remained still active in writing socially conscious songs, is Mosi Dorbayani, the Canadian songwriter extraordinaire.  

In his widely known Message Songs, Mosi raises important questions facing humanity, and methodically provides a clear depiction of social issues around the world, followed by a solution or a call for action. He and his stellar collaborating vocal artists raise public awareness through songs in a meaningful, yet affectionate way. 

Mosi defines Message Song as: “A carefully crafted song, which describes and reflects the social in the individual, and the individual in the social. A thinking tool with soft penetrating power for change and social impact.”

With over 140 original songs and instrumental scores, and a roster of artists from over 30 countries spanning 5 continents, Mosi is the one who never cease to amaze. His decade of commitment to create socially conscious music is inspiring. 

Among his tens of most intriguing message songs we can name: ‘To Whom It May Concern’, voiced by Kate Todd; ‘Hopes in Chain’, performed by Yaya Diamond; ‘Walk in Style’ and ‘Flickering Lights’ recorded by Nasambu and Mike De’Cole. 

As we are still living in such trying times, facing inequality, injustice and racism, perhaps we need to advocate more for social understanding and tolerance, and to facilitate that, socially conscious message songs can help to shape a better future for all across the globe. 

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