Tiredbvy is a young and upcoming rapper from Switzerland. He has developed exponentially as an artist and his progress is clear to see with his latest releases.

His latest project “SYNIRIS” is his big blowup, with the album he has proven how much he has perfected his sound. The single “Ride or Die” seems to be the best received so far, with Maniaac as a feature and Hxffy with Boy Casa behind the beat. In the process, he not only talks about how difficult a breakup can be, but also how quickly you can fall from the top.

He himself says that with each song the learning curve increases and so does the quality. From writing lyrics, recording, mastering to releasing he does everything himself. What is special about Tiredbvy is the fine work, the album is full of details that you only understand the tenth time you listen to it. He has the flow, the production skills and the message to soar to great heights.

There has been no shortage of young and talented up-and-coming artists in the last decade, and it’s safe to say that the genre is in good hands with the amazing artists that have emerged in recent years.