A musical alchemist at heart, 5GODZ collides the elements of earth, fire, wind, thunder and water within his compositions. The result is one of epic proportions, a concoction of electronic subgenres and orchestral elements that showcase the breadth of his musical vocabulary.

Having emerged onto the EDM scene in 2013, LA-based 5GODZ has been cultivating a loyal following of fans ever since. By merging orchestral elements with monstrous sub-bass, larger-than-life synths, weighty drum hits and creative sound design, his epic sound has manifested itself as a strain of electronic dance music that is unique to him.

A self-taught musician from an early age, 5GODZ has been practicing and performing live music for many years. Now professionally trained, 5 GODZ’s was influenced by the revered Hans Zimmer who inspired the orchestral integration within his productions.

For 5GODZ, it’s the adrenaline of playing his music out live, whether it be in an intimate club or a huge festival setting, that keeps him constantly motivated to create music. It’s this undeniable passion for creating music that has led to him receiving accolades from other top EDM artists such as The Chainsmokers, Alesso, Tiesto and many more. 

Currently touring the Los Angeles area, putting the final touches on numerous forthcoming projects, 5GODZ looks sure to continue to grow his blossoming reputation within the electronic music genre through his emotionally-provocative, orchestral-inspired sound.