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Pop Artist StaJe signs with Sony

Photo Credit by S. Joaquin Ancona

StaJe, originally from South Carolina, flew out to LA 4 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a major star.

One of the most interested things about StaJe is that he first lived on skid row when he got to LA all those many years ago. He lived on skid row for 6 months before his friend Nickolas Reynolds saw him living on the rough streets of skid row and decided to move him into his place.

4 years later he has accomplished so many feats. From breaking onto the billboard charts in 2020 to going on tours and performing for Los Angeles running mayor Karen Bass as recently as this past week.

I was able to have a chat with the rising super star as he “spilled the beans” on his decision to go with Sony. I asked him what made him decide to go with Sony. He gave me a priceless response; “I work with those that can appreciate my art and who I am as a artist”.

You can catch him on tour this Summer with Roll & Roll Hall of Famer Buster Akrey.

Congrats StaJe ! We will continue to follow along his journey to stardom.

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Sandy T makes us all fall for her as she sings “Fall 4 You”, a new hit single we all adore!,

Sandy T has never shied away from an artistic challenge, whether it’s incorporating contrasting elements into the same arrangement or pushing the creative limits of a pop hook as far to the left of expected as she can without veering into avant-garde territory, it’s certainly the most melodic ever heard out of the handful of true indie listens that has been tested out this year.

Sandy T, new single “Fall 4 You” begins with a deceiving secretive tone that quicicly grows into something lot more forceful and forward-focused than the opening few lines. There’s a dark pessimism underlying the anxiety in this groove, but it’s no match for the enticing Sandy T, whose singing is the clear star of the show even in its infancy. She’s the genuine catharsis facilitator in “Fall 4 You,” with the beat and the harmony that has been arranged, composed and mixed by an amazing team Rob Manzoli and Sue Brooks, P-Funk UK, along with her contributing engineer in the states, Dani Sinatra aka (Elleinad) she, very cautious about where she allows for a release in this arrangement. Tension is the rule of the day here, and she’s dishing it out like there’s no tomorrow.

Soul in a song is more than just a terrific vocal performance. It’s about developing a close relationship with the words and the music, appreciating the depth of a harmony as it moves from one verse slits next, and emphasizing the pace of the music to elicit as much emotion from the background as possible. Simply said, unless you have the type of talent that Sandy T does in her new single “Fall 4 You,” it may be better to avoid using the term soul to describe your music, since the intelligence behind the songcraft commands slot more respect than the current quo in pop requires.

Sandy T’s rhythm is obvious from the start, and I like that she isn’t pursuing a massive percussive force to form the chorus in this tune. Nothing is worse than an uneven arrangement th this type of song, and to her credit, I don’t get the idea we’re listening to an artist who would provide us with anything as predictable and incomplete as all of that. She knows what she’s doing behind the board and behind the microphone, and she doesn’t mind giving us a little flex in “Fall 4 You” if only to remind us of how talented she is.

Michael Rand made a comment about the new single, “I was already feeling the vibe from the music that this player has released in the past ten years plus, but with the arrival of “Fall 4 You” I feel all the more excited about hearing whatever Sandy T is going to produce in and outside of the studio next.”

Troy Johnstone stated, “Equally as melodic as it is enticing and sensuously constructed to immerse us in passion from beginning to end, I think Sandy T’s “Fall 4 You” does her brand is lot of good and only further elevates her status above that of her contemporaries in the American underground today. This is a premier exhibition of her technique and chosen aesthetical

direction, and while it lacks some of the grandiosity that her previous cuts. have been steeped in, I don’t know that this isn’t one of her most efficient examples of brilliance thus far.”

The music of Sandy T has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division. Learn more hups://musikandfilm.corn

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State: Florida Country: USA


When you get the ball rolling as hard as skinsNbones does in their new single “Is There Meaning,” it’s a decent likelihood you play alternative rock the right way. The frills, the fluff, the flat out fatty tones that we used to get away with some ten years ago have no place in the genre now; instead, the tightness and efficiency of first-gen punk rock are here to stay, and this band has no problem living up to that standard. “Is There Meaning” plays and sounds like something out of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s rock n’ roll handbook in the sense that it’s comprised of as little as possible, and yet packing so much intensity it could put the competition out of business.

URL: https://skinsnbones.com/

This chorus is arguably too heavy on the beat to sound light and poppy to audiences, but its structure is absolutely something ripped from the classic American songbook. Again, efficiency is the name of the game in “Is There Meaning,” and I don’t think that skinsNbones would have been able to make this song happen without rejecting the conventionality of indulgence so common among their peers. The guitar parts get a little excessive towards the climax of the song, but all in all the instrumental framing is almost as straightforward and unremarkable as the lyrics and vocal delivery are, which is far more a compliment than anything else. This band makes recording look like a real passion project instead of something all of the well-to-do are engaging with these days.
Production quality can’t save a bad song from itself, but it can certainly bolster the details of a good one in the best-case scenario, and the latter is true of “Is There Meaning.” Though polished like a pop single, this is a song that doesn’t have the natural shine a lot of mainstream content does, thus making its dirtier elements some of the well-spotlighted of any in this mix. There’s no denying that skinsNbones take every step of the recording process seriously, and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have put the work into this single that they did, especially given the way the market has been treating most of the puritan rock music to have emerged from the underground in recent times.

You don’t have to be a rocker to appreciate “Is There Meaning” and the heavy musicality it’s offering anyone who gives it a spin this spring, but those of us who have been listening to punk and alternative music for ages can enjoy a real gem in this single for sure. skinsNbones are playing a style that has literally become the epitome of its title once more, and while indie rock is never going to fade from public interest completely, this is a band definitely living on the outside of the mainstream bubble and killing it every step of the way. Rock needs this fringe element to stay dangerous, and without the likes of skinsNbones keeping the torch lit, I can’t say the future of this genre would look as bright as it does right now.

Mark Druery

The music of skinsNbones has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division. Learn more https://musikandfilm.com

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Congratulations are in order for Westcoast Female Rapper “SKG” ( Helecia Choyce ) for receiving her Gold and 4X Platinum Plaques for her work on the Great rapper Tupac Shakur “Until The End Of Time” album, writing and performing on the # 4 single “Let Em Have It”

Los Angeles-based female rapper, songwriter, and film producer Helecia Choyce, better known as SKG has started the year 2022 with something different. After receiving her plaques this month for previous work at the Legendary “Death Row Records” Now releasing a new project with a new album called “Unfinished Business” followed by her latest single “Bad Azz Bitch”, featuring Boosie BadAzz and Juvenile available on all digital streaming platforms, it’s safe to say fans are very happy about that. “Unfinished Business”, is a dedicated cover to her late brother “Trayveon Choyce” who introduced her to music at a young age.

Click the link now to preview the “SKG” full album “Unfinished Business” –


Her album consists of 16 solid tracks with features from Boosie BadAzz, Paul Wall, Juvenile, Mistah F.A.B and Beenie Man, Mr. Capone-E, AD, Compton AV just to name a few. Her energetic, diverse, and raw sound give people something to relate to as her music and performing have shaped her into who she is today.

“I’m happy I was able to get my executive producer to produce my album. I worked very hard to make sure I was able to make an Album that reflect my diversity and who I have evolved into as an artist. I hope everyone enjoys my album and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I created for myself” She said.

SKG has overcome many challenges in order to attain a reputed place in the music industry. She has worked exceptionally hard since she dived into the world of music at a young age and has attracted a lot of attention from many in the music industry. Being discovered by Suge Knight and signing a deal with Death Row Records at a young age. Featuring on Albums such as Tupac Shakur “Until The End Of Time and The Doggpound Pound 2002. With years in the game and contributing new content be sure to stay on the lookout for SKG’s name as it is bound to be everywhere in the coming years.

Billboard Artist spotlight: DeadOctobers

Meet DeadOctobers, an artist from Florida who is gaining buzz and recognition for his unique sound and consistently good musical releases.

DeadOctobers was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, raised in New York, and moved to Florida in 2015. During the early stages of his musical career, Deadoctobers generated a lot of attention. He only made music for himself and to vent his emotions, but after achieving over 100,000+ streams on SoundCloud, he realized this was a niche that could be turned into a solid profession.

DeadOctober is most known for his voice and lyrical touch in his musical compositions on tracks he has done. October released his track “On me” in late 2019 in collaboration with producer Jeffybeats and -SUMMRSXO. Following up on the song “PATIENCE” with the future Chicago star Neospazzalot, adding to a solid catalog that includes songs like “ALL-STARS,” and more gave him a huge boost on his career. His most recent project, “HEART AWAY,” on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Genius has been doing amazing numbers there is no slowing him down.

He might be well established and successful so far but his journey was not smooth. DeadOctobers states “ I started from the bottom, not everyone was down to help me with my dreams. He also states “ He had family and also past friendships that didn’t work out in his life because they didn’t understand his plans and his vision with music but he kept going which inspired him to push harder. We wish him the best of luck with his music career! Get to know more about DeadOctobers and stay updated with him and his future releases and stay connected with him on all social media and music streaming platforms.

My name is Kemar and I just plugged you in!

Instagram: https://instagram.com/deadoctobers?utm_medium=copy_link

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/ewayces?si=lj78Shs9T_uRCNX5IQOOkQ

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/deadoctobers/1567498809

Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B094XP2K8F/deadoctobers

Female Artist KEMI$TRY Has A New Hot Song & Video Called ‘I Got That Fire’

KEMI$TRY is an artist, songwriter and actor making waves in the industry with her talent and hard work. She is currently acting in an upcoming film called ‘Sista Soulja’. KEMI$TRY is currently working on new music and in the process of working with a major label for her new release. Check out her video ‘I Got That Fire’ on Youtube!

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King Chad Retro Pop Album “Lost In The 80s” Anniversary Is Today!

King Chad Retro Pop Album “Lost In The 80s” Anniversary
Is Today!

King Chad is a well-rounded, unique artist from the Sarasota, Florida area. On this day March 25, 2021, King Chad released his first pop album called Lost In The 80s.
Truly shows King Chad versatility as an artist who begin making music off Boombap beats. King Chad was born in the 90s, the golden era, King Chad somehow found a passion to creative a pop album. Which is extremely difficult to accomplish. Especially when Hip-Hop is the number 1 genre in America.

King Chad enormous taste for music, this album consists of different retro Afro type beats to it. Which how’s why this album was also recognized on billboard charts. The most popular song on this album is “Night Fall”
Lost in the 80s is by far one of King Chads timeless albums, and we all know all great album has a skit. Happy Anniversary to Lost in the 80s as King Chad continue to distribute more music. You also stream Lost In The 80s on all streaming platforms.

Also follow King Chad on Instagram for more releases at @kingchad_1


Dominique Lloyd aka DOMMO, is one of the lead singers in the recording artist group GOLD STANDARD LTD. Due to a very rough upbringing he has spent most of his life traveling between Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Toldeo, Ohio, where he was born. The second eldest of 5 siblings, growing up in a poor lower class environment only increased his desire to step out and pursue his skills in art and music. Currently putting the emphasis on his music, DOMMO broke out with the acclaimed single, “Party Don’t Last”, and has now followed that up with his latest track, “Silver Lining”. DOMMO can sing the drawers off many of his fellow R&B crooners, and with this track explores the spiritual and emotional costs and rewards of love, making him a deserved bearer of an esteemed music tradition.
He may only be on his second single release, but he’s savvy when it comes to lending attention-grabbing charisma to a good song. And that is exactly what he does on “Silver Lining”, switching between his natural voice and a silky falsetto with effortless ease. When times get tough and the world stops making sense, you turn to singers like DOMMO. He is simply creating desperately needed thinking-man’s songs in a time of turmoil. “Silver Lining” is a great track, and one perfectly suited to both the radio as well as late night listening when you need to chill and ponder the weight of the world and the souls who inhabit it. The man knows his way around a strong ballad, which can straddle the line between R&B and Pop. DOMMO is in rare form here with his perfect, smoldering, and warm vocals, wrapping sublimely around the prodigious guitar-driven production. They both complement each other without attempting to overdo or overpower one another. DOMMO continues to wow on “Silver Lining”, not only with his incredible vocal performance, but also with his dedication to crafting excellent new music. All of which brings us to Toledo based artist Tony G, who is

another sometime collaborator with Gold Standard Limited. With his album “G Baby”, Tony G proves that he’s an artist built to last and a musician who is earning his place among his contemporaries.

The single “One Day”, taken from the aforementioned album, unfolds the magnificence of his skills, in just over 3 minutes. Tony G’s flow is scintillating on “One Day”, where the beat crunches with an amplified sense of grit, soul and warmth.

Tony G uses that beat to ruminate on his narrative, which is full of minute, finely observed observations. His voice is grizzled, urgent and authoritative, and he knows how to cut through the expansive production.

Clearly, he has been busy besting his opponents and bodaciously mastering his craft to reach this level. “One Day” highlights all of the picture painting qualities that Tony G is more than capable of. He is laying out exciting groundwork for a career to be marked by longevity and experimentation, without losing sight of a large crossover audience.

Through the songs, “Silver Lining” and “One Day”, DOMMO and Tony G, respectively, do the recording artist group, GOLD STANDARD LTD, proud. They provide shining moments where both artists hook and reel the listener in for the long haul.

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Matt Craven The New Elevation of Music

Matt Craven, is a multifaceted Detroit native rearing to reshape a whole genre as a skilled, singer, and songwriter. 

The burgeoning superstar gained the attention of fans and industry stakeholders when his riveting track ‘On the Run’ picked up a whopping 1300 BDS radio stations after an initial test run. This served as the catalyst that propelled the sophisticated, hard-hitting rap crooner to the mainstream. 

To say this was no small feat would be a gross understatement. It is well known that radio tests for new music usually see only a mere 10-20 stations downloading songs for airplay. 

In addition to dominating the radio, Craven’s enigmatic single ‘My Diamond Wings’ hit number one and steadfastly held that position for two weeks in a row on the World Indie Music Chart. The track also went on to cop the number one spot in Europe.

Flying high on his industry-breaking success, Craven is now collaborating with Stephen Wrench, former Vice President of RCA Records and long-time manager of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dale Bozzio. Wrench fosters success with a repertoire of megastars, including Prince and others

Currently, Wrench is the President of Musik and Film, LLC. Musik Radio Promotions provides customized radio promotion packages tailored for each artist, including a network of 250,000+ radio stations in 180 countries. Craven also boasts collaborations with Atlantic Records’ Big Block of Block Entertainment and Isaac Morris on numerous projects.

However, what has Craven leading the pack is his unique sound. Craven raps like a seasoned veteran and effortlessly belts out moving lyrics in a distinctive singing voice. Towering at well over 6 feet with distinctive blue eyes, a canvas of art enveloping his frame, and the skills to stand, Craven is a force to be reckoned with. 

To learn more about Craven, visit mattcravenofficial.com or follow him on Instagram and YouTube.

Matt Craven
Instagram IG: @cravn1

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Mark Kelley Power Executive Signs New Rising Artist “Gabby Gabanna” To His Hit Record Label “Odic Records”

Mark Kelley new power executive shows he does have a ear for talent as he has many artists signed to his records label Odic Records such as Vida Rose, and VVS Preme just to name a few. What’s new on Odic Records? April 29, 2022 he will be releasing new artist “Gabby Gabanna” who isn’t a stranger to the lime light as she has already released a single featuring “Da Baby” called “Blue Strips” If you like Crime Mob, Da Baby, Lil’ Wayne, Key Glock, Eve, Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion, Trina then Gabby Gabbana is a twist of music you will enjoy.
Return of the Gabb serves as the official introduction to a young woman who has lived a life of adversity, matured, and come into her own since launching her rap career as a young teen. Consistently releasing mixtapes since 2017, a now 23 year-old Gabby has full creative control of her work, delivering hard raps of street life, aggressive braggadocio (“Tread Lightly”), strip club anthems (“Baller’s Club”), sensual pop records (“Like It”), and deeply personal, somber tales (“Broken Dreams”). “This album is about a day in the life of a hood chick trying to make it in the music business. Each song on this project represents everything that I’ve been through, my upbringing, being around pimps, drug dealers and surviving. I fell off for a minute due to the pain of losing people close to me. My boyfriend, my closest uncle, and my aunt who raised me all died within a couple of months of each other. I’ve lost so many people but I still dream about success, about being a star, about feeding my family, and helping the people I love. This project is the result of my pain, my hopes, and my dreams. It gives the real authentic Gabby Gabanna.” – Gabby Gabanna

60 Bars – Produced by Hit Stick
Like It – Produced by Slo Mo
PGSLTM – Produced by Deano
Tread Lightly– Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
No Pick Me’s– Produced by Smoke the Producer
Big Banna– Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
Baller’s Club (Do It) – Produced by Mob Career
Tread Lightly (Remix) ft. J Breezy, WB, and Tweezy – Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
H.A.L.S. – Produced by Smoke the Producer
Broken Dreams – Produced by Smoke the Producer
All tracks engineered and recorded by Paul “Kilswtch” Reeves @ Maximus Studios in Charlotte, NC | Album mastered by Ira Parker

For publicity for Odic Records Contact
The Misty Tv Firm Corporation at (310) 661-8247
Contact Person: Misty Blanco
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Mark Kelley
Odic Records

Gabby Gabbana Instagram IG: @gabbygabanna

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