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From Construction To Country Music: Meet Singer/Songwriter Terah Lynn


Terah Lynn is the real deal. Born in the Appalachian Mountains to a God-fearing family, she knows a thing or two about hard work.
On her journey to the music industry, this six foot tall powerhouse has done it all. From roofing to sheetrock, landscaping to working in a landfill, digging ditches to now being the first female supervisor in Gibson Guitar’s lumber mill, this woman has paid her dues.
It’s exactly that rich history and grit that comes out in her voice and in her music. Lynn’s vocals are soothing to the ears but also sound like she might have had a little of that Appalachian dirt for breakfast. Unique is an understatement.
Lynn’s country love song “Enough” has been a fan favorite for months while her latest release “Grave Digger” is as unique as she is. A hybrid of country-blues and hip hop, Grave Digger tells the story of discipleship how she sees it; gritty.
There’s no doubt we will see much more of Terah Lynn in the months to come. From her sound to her story, she is a talent to remember.

Check out the latest from Terah on Instagram and catch her tunes everywhere where digital music is sold.



Accompanied with newer and better singles, Richard Jellinek is back to the world of music stronger than ever. Richard is a guitarist, songwriter and music producer from the city of Warsaw, Poland. Growing up, Richard has always been a music enthusiast. Although he had to give a pause to his true zeal for over a decade so that he can focus on other things, he could not resist being absent from the anymore. He returned with the current music industry in mind and things that he wants to change in it. We fans got to have four singles that contain music that would wow anyone ‘Endless Dreams’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Spring that Never Came’ and the latest one that came out only about a month ago ‘Alternative Love’. The genre of music that Richard cherishes the most is rock but you certainly do not have to be into rock music to enjoy or listen to the stories this man has to tell through his music. Yes, he does not make senseless songs that might have a catchy tune but the words are shallow. The uplifting and powerful energy in his songs would make your day upon the very listen with its meaningful lyrics and music that would be stuck in your head for days! If you are expecting that his rock must be loud, you are in for a surprise because he makes such calm and relaxing songs unlike most rock musicians of today. 

The European musician singlehandedly penned down every single one of his tracks with immense thoughtfulness in mind. His song ‘Endless dreams’ shows the significance that dreams can hold in one’s life. The lyrical prodigy then goes on to say that even if you do not get to have the love of your life in the real world, you can have them in the world of your dreams which raises a sense of hope in the listener. Here are some lines from the song “Your endless dreams allow me to live – In the land of your fantasy – My destiny is to follow you – But how will it end for me?” His song ‘Wake Up’ is all about waking up from irrational thoughts that make you want to give up in life and rise above the force. This song is both emotional and inspirational at the same time. Richard tells the listeners that he gets them, in this musical number but he says that we all need a positive changes life, we all deserve them. Words from the song “Life under pressure exhausts you, lies to you – But are you ready to discover all this truth? Life is never easy no matter what they say you feel tied up in a chain that someone has to break” How inspirational right? Then we have ‘Spring that Never Came’. This song has the potential to steal your heart with its ingenious lyrics and sweet melody, plus it also has a new music video that only recently came out! In this rock ballad, he is telling a story of a two people who are madly in love with each other. They shared loud laughter and made amazing memories all winter but fell apart before their spring could come and now all those moments of joy have turned into endless tears and sadness. If you believe in true love, this one is definitely for you!  The lyrics hit one straight in the feelings “We were so wild and crazy like teenagers – Hunting for love we’ve always dreamed about I held your hand like a precious treasure – We had a million dreams and plans for summertime”. Lastly, we have ‘Alternative Love’. It is a track about two people who have loved each other ever since they were kids but did not have the courage to make a move. Now, it is too late to confess the feelings that they were afraid to let out. Life has taken them on different roads so all they can do is wonder if they had made the right decisions at the right time, would they have been together? Maybe in a different reality they are together. “Another life, and our love in parallel universe – Where no one can hurt you, where I will protect you And I’ll be there for you – And I do believe we can live this life we’ve been always dreaming about – And this right place for our alternative love!” The best part about his songs might be the fact that it reminds you of the songs that you might have grew up listening to. This Polish musician is an 80s song fanatic and the songs that he writes are a flawless reflection of that although, it is hard to look past the hint of 2021 that he subtly adds to them. 

Jellinek might have an attraction towards his guitar but he can also play other instruments such as the piano and many more. He is the man behind the entire production aspect of his music and is a non-stop workaholic. The goal behind all of his songs is to motivate the audience and let them know that there’s somebody who understands them. A man of many talents, Richard also is a marketing expert and has helped many brands throughout his marketing years. He even wrote a book to share the marketing techniques he has got up his sleeve ‘The Three Pillars of Marketing’. Is the anything this man cannot do?  The musician behind ‘Alternative Love’ is also a travel enthusiast. He loves to travel around the globe, experience different cultures and try out unique cuisines. 

By now, it must be clear that Richard Jellinek is peerless when it comes to the kind of music he makes. His current goal in life is to release an entire album which is about to become true shortly. That’s right! He is going to drop an album which we believe is going to be the jam of this summer. It is coming out in summer 2021 so you better stay tuned for that!












Eminent Music Artist Malin Samarasekara Releases Epic New Song ‘Chicken Dinner’


Malin Samarasekara is a talented music artist who was born in Sri Lanka and currently living in New Zealand. His passion for music drove him to become a professional music artist and producer. 

Malin has a rich background in brand strategy, visual design, and music production. Extensive knowledge and years of valuable experience have helped him to rise to the top of the industry. 

‘Chicken Dinner’ by Malin Samarasekara was a big hit and has received a lot of love from his fans. Check it out below and enjoy!  

Deezer- https://www.deezer.com/artist/99780672/radio?autoplay=true

Twitter- https://twitter.com/markiiiinz

instagram – https://www.instagram.com/markiiinz

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNX_MQGrYmcd37dtrEn1lig

Artist Trendsetta Is Buzzing With His New Single “Oh My God” That Recently Hit 3 Million Views On Worldstar


Trendsetta recently hit over 3 million views with his visual with Artist Show Banga titled: “Oh my god”

The video was shot in the Bay Area & Show Banga is featured on the track, Trendsetta is currently managing no artist at the moment but is actively always looking for new talent.

Here’s the link where you can check out the video on worldstar “Oh my god”: https://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhlTctfm29014vdr5K

You can find more about the Artist “Trendsetta” on all his social media platforms:



Be on the look-out for his upcoming album also & more new music and visuals from this extremely dope artist!!

“Set trends, don’t follow”

Fashion: Trendsetta Clothing Owner & Artist has been making noise with his brand!

This small business owner & Recording artist “Trendsetta” has been making some noise with his original brand Trendsetta clothing, we’ve recently seen a massive of really cool shoots with his brand on his page and loved his page and wanted to cover him!

Trendsetta clothing has been around since 2011 the independent small business owner has been working on building his brand with his eye catching colorful logo!

As a independent Artist it can sometimes be a challenge maintaining and having your own business, but “Trendsetta” is known for consistently thriving and pushing his brand in a positive light around his city in Las Vegas, Nv.

Trendsetta also plans to release more new merchandise throughout the summer..

You can check out more and view his website here: https://trendsetta.fashion/

You can also follow his social media accounts here: Instagram.com/Trendsettalifestyle

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools now in 2021 as an social media influencer also, “Trendsetta” works aggressively on giving opportunities to the people around his community and release’s various projects with different artist from all over the Bay, Los Angeles, CA area & more collaborating putting artist together on records similar to a DJ khaled or DJ drama of some sort, this cool influencer “Trendsetta” has a bright future & we are excited to hear more new projects and more release’s from his Trendsetta clothing brand.

Has best known, “Trendsetta” is a well known Musician/Artist who’s recently released known singles such as “Oh my god” featuring Show Banga, “Super Soaker” & more as you can find here on his spotify artist profile page: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1HaJhxflICyfvdOyfCy5uT?si=bN-PxIjjTai3CbWiHCXglg

Meet Award Winning Filmmaker Antoine Allen, Director of the Critically Acclaimed Boxing Movie “Lola”


Award winning filmmaker Antoine Allen is making an impact with his new female boxing film entitled “Lola,” which is currently streaming for free on Tubi TV. The film packs a powerful emotional punch. It features actress Taja V. Simpson as the lead character. She is best known for her current role on Tyler Perry’s hit TV show “The Oval.” Taja V. Simpson gives a stirring performance as Lola. We sat down with the director and writer of “Lola,” Mr. Antoine Allen, for an exclusive interview. 

Congratulations on your success thus far. For people who are not familiar with you, tell us about yourself. 

I had dreams like any other kid growing up, and it was those same dreams that allowed me to break through every obstacle in my path. Despite growing up poor in Jamaica, Queens, I was already rich with potential. I refused to let that define my future, I moved forward with a passion, drive, and tireless dedication that has now become synonymous with my brand Antoine Allen Films.

I began my career in the music industry, successfully managing independent hip-hop artists for many years. During that time, I had several experiences that opened my eyes to the fact that I had more to offer. It was at this time that the phrase “dream big or don’t dream at all” really hit hard.

Foregoing the traditional film school route, I began educating myself on all creative, technical, and business aspects of the process of the film industry and I never looked back.

Which filmmakers have inspired or influenced you? 

The filmmakers who have definitely inspired me are Spike Lee and Tyler Perry. They are legends.

Take us through the filmmaking process. How would you describe your approach? 

First, I come up with a story that I feel will make an impact. I love to make movies that strike an emotional chord. Next, I get together with my writing team to work on the screenplay. From there I produced the film for the world to enjoy. 

What is it about the Lola character that has attracted so many people to film? 

I struck an emotional chord with the “Lola” film and it’s something that people have not seen before in the history of the film industry. We’ve never had an Africa American female boxing movie franchise. I am proud of myself and my team for this. 

What were some of the challenges you encountered making “Lola?”

One of my biggest challenges with preparing to film my female boxing feature film LOLA was when I went to the doctor for a check-up, because I was having headaches. I never went back home. I was on the borderline going into a diabetic coma. This was the result of not taking care of myself and thinking that I had all the time in the world. I was so wrong. I asked God to please let me finish my movie. I had invested so much time and money into this film project for me not to continue. I did not want that. I was able to finish the movie. I took six months off from work after I wrapped up my film. In those six months, I exercised, ate healthier and put my health first. And after it was all said and done I lost 100 pounds and now look incredible. Health is very important.

Will there be a sequel to “Lola?” 

Yes! I will start filming “Lola 2” soon and it will be released in 2022. Stay turned 

What other genres of movies will you be dealing with in the future? 

I have a few holiday/Xmas movies in the pipeline. 

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I am planning to build a film school. That will help a lot of kids not only learn to be a filmmaker, but also teach them the business side of the movie industry. Most film schools don’t teach this side of the industry. 

Lastly, remind everyone where they can watch “Lola” now and give some final thoughts for our readers. 

Please go to Tubi Tv and watch my powerful female boxing feature film LOLA for free. Distribution is courtesy of Homestead Entertainment. 

Takes Us On A Journey Back In Time For His New Single ‘ALIEN RACE’


“Paul Alexander Low is a deeply talented musician and songwriter. His recent decision to shift focus to his music career is good news for us all!”  StaticDive by Bob Smith

American artist Paul Alexander Low is due to release his new single ‘Alien Race’ on 4th June. The 2nd single from his debut album ‘Sunshine After The Rain’. The track features popular session musicians Rob Brian (Goldfrapp, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel) and Simon Johnson (Tom Jones, James Morrison, Lana Del Ray).

After seeing support for previous singles across radio including the likes of BBC Solent, BBC Radio Tees and Amazing Radio and press outlets such as Vents, Lifoti and Americana UK Magazines, Paul Alexander Low is ready to release ‘Alien Race’ as the final single from the forthcoming album.

‘Alien Race’ tells the story of Low’s “clash with culture” in his time as a 1st Year Student at what was then Birmingham Polytechnic, now Birmingham City University. “Having grown up in a sleepy village in Wiltshire it was like landing on a different planet” says Low. “I felt like I had arrived in an alien civilisation but clearly I was the alien. It took me a while to settle in but in the end, I really enjoyed my time in the great city of Birmingham”

The resulting track is an upbeat and catchy Pop Americana song perfect for the summer season. The track starts with a memorable piano riff which pervades the song through-out. This is quickly joined by riffing electric guitars which together with Low’s characteristic powerful vocal delivers a solid punch.

With his much-anticipated album ‘Sunshine After The Rain’ due for release in July this year and the gigs once again returning, this won’t be the last you hear of Paul Alexander Low.

Follow his socials for the latest updates

Website: https://www.paulalexanderlow.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paul_alexander_low/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulAlexanderLow/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulalexlow

 Linktree: https://linktr.ee/paulalexanderlow

One Dream, One Team and a Woman Taking Over the Internet Radio Industry


DJ Bad Gyrl, one of the leading voices of Internet radio, often referred to as the “Voice of Las Vegas” comes second to none with her daily Morning Mayhem Show and The Black box Series on 22.3 TOVR.  DJ Bad Gyrl is regarded as one of the most influential voices in the radio community according to various media sources. I spoke with DJ Bad Gyrl about her station model, guiding principles, and the importance of inspiring others. 

Over the years, DJ Bad Gyrl has built herself a number of solid relationships with some key players in radio such as Hall of Famed Bruce “Commander” Garrett. With DJ Bad Gyrls sexy soothing voice and successful career makes her no stranger to the industry as a matter of fact, she could almost be considered a vet in the radio game. She has been called the brainchild behind 22.3 TOVR and 22.3 TOMR. Our team at Billboard is so excited to interview DJ Bad Gyrl. 

Billboard: Describe DJ Bad Gyrl in 5 words?

DJBG: Mother. Visionary. Rebel. Fearless. Leader

BB: Congrats on opening your sister station 22.3 TakeOver Miami Radio. How do you juggle 22.3 TOVR and TOMR? 


Sometimes I ask myself that same question. Ya know what I am good at multitasking and I am very organized when it comes to setting up what is priority. I don’t have much of a personal life. I am always working but I am definitely on a mission so I don’t have time to do anything else.Good thing I have partners in Miami that help with the station. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

BB: How would you define the DJ Bad Gyrl brand and the movement you represent? 

DJBG: My DJ BAD GYRL brand is what I call Rebellious.  A REBEL with a cause. I am a free spirit, I don’t like rules and I live life by my own standards. I don’t like to be controlled at all creatively, or in any regard period. The movement as far as 22.3 goes I want to build leaders, men and women. I want to build leaders to not only lead but build fearless leaders to create the dreams they want. With all this knowledge in business I realize I have a lot to give and a lot to teach. If anyone wants to learn from me, I am all about it. 

BB: At what point did you realize your voice was impactful and capable of influencing the people? 

DJBG: When I was told by a mega superstar in the media that I could use the airwaves to either inspire or destroy. I thought “Wow, that was powerful.” I knew then I would use the platform I was given to empower others and entertain the best way I could. Influence is a powerful word. I knew I had influence even back in high school when I used to dress differently and girls would copy. When you have influence you have to be careful how you use it. I want to influence people to do better, be better, and think better. Trust me having influence over anyone positively makes me very happy. I think we should all want to help inspire others to be their best. 

BB: How would you compare your radio station to other internet radio stations in Las Vegas? 

 DJBG: I hope this doesn’t come off rude, but I don’t ever use comparisons to measure myself or my station. When you compare yourself or your brand to others you lose focus of your own vision. It’s dangerous to start making comparisons because that means you’re not really happy with your inner scorecard. As far as I am concerned I am creating the blueprint in my own lane.  I know three stations here that have been trying to imitate almost everything we have done. Copying us by trying to create an award show AFTER I had mine at Park MGM, down to copying content schedules, but I am flattered by it. Again, it’s the influence, and I am ok with that. Clearly, it’s worth copying.  

BB: What has given you the drive to continuously push yourself to do more? 

DJBG: To be honest I wake up, and I feel motivated because I love what I do. Of course, my family drives me, but ultimately I am self-driven. I have no issues getting up and getting what I want. I create the life I want, and I don’t waste time thinking if I should,  I am in beast mode most of the time.

BB: What made you decide to attempt a Guinness World Record that is very impressive? 

DJBG: I decided to do a World Record because I wanted to be the first to do it in Las Vegas and in the World. Only five percent of people ever set a record. I can say now I am a part of that five percent, and it was a four-year project. I know a lot of people think this happened overnight but I actually applied in 2017, got accepted in 2019 and then executed this May 23rd three days before my birthday. To make it even more amazing we did this as a team on our actual proclaimed day in the City of Las Vegas.  I am all about challenging myself to do things nobody else has ever done. 

BB: How do you feel now that you completed this wonderful accomplishment with the Guinness World Record? 

DJBG: I feel relieved, and it took me some days to catch up on my sleep. Nonetheless, if it wasn’t for my team I couldn’t have accomplished this, but that’s what we do. We are amazing at teamwork.  I am happy we are now a part of such an amazing brand like the Guinness Book of World Records. 

BB: Tell us the downside of the internet radio industry as the CEO that we don’t know? 

DJBG: I’ll try to give you the short answer. I am going to be one hundred with you over the years. I have seen folks that come in and try to absorb game from me and leave. I have had folks try to tell me how to run this business, and they never had a business a day in their life. Furthermore, I have had folks try to criticize everything under the sun from the equipment, the chairs, literally anything they can think of to get out of paying their airtime. Not only that, but I have had an ex personality lie about having cancer to get out of paying her air time. I still have disgruntled past personalities who talk the worst sh**  just to justify why I cut them from the team. However, I know the truth and I am okay with their opinion.  In business there’s a downside to everything: you must have thick skin to deal with the silly stuff. I am personally not bothered by it. I am way too busy to even respond to it. 

BB: What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced that have shaped your career? 

DJBG: I have had personal challenges such as trying to have a successful relationship doing what I do. I am so busy, and it gets very difficult to make the time to uphold a relationship.  If you date someone in the same industry there’s a commonality there and it could work. Dating someone who doesn’t understand the industry can be challenging having to explain all the nuances you face. At the end of the day I want to be with someone who can keep up with my lifestyle and work schedule. 

BB: What is the next evolution of DJ Bad Gyrl? 

DJBG: I try to stay present. Sometimes we try to plan the future, and it doesn’t work out. What I will tell you is I plan to do a world tour and become fantastic at motivational speaking. I want to tell my story, and motivate others to create the life they want. Furthermore,  I want to eventually open two more radio stations. Anything I conceive in my little head I always bring it to fruition. Everything I said I would do I have always done. You will have to follow me to see what’s coming up next. 

BB: If someone was interested in having a radio show with your station how would they contact you?

DJBG: You can contact me anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, via email whatever way is easiest for you. I am always looking to expand my team here in Las Vegas and Miami. Contact me any time.


 Instagram @djbadgyrlvegas 

Email: djbadgyrl@gmail.com

Rohitha Rajapaksa Collaborates with Top-Notch Artists to Create a Mind-Blowing Rap Song


Rohitha Rajapaksa is a multi-talented individual who has a great passion for music. This time, he has released a mind-blowing song which went viral on social media within a short period of time. 

Ashawe was premiered on May 5, 2021. Rohitha Rajapaksa collaborated with proficient artists Dilki Uresha, Neo, Randy Chriz & Team Meraki United to make this song a great success. As always, Randy Chriz and his team have created an amazing animation video to provide an enhanced visual experience. Lyrics By Malini Liyanage & Chathura Dewmina. Videography was done by Film Dragon and color grading was done by Shan Alwis. 

Social reformation is expected by this new song to create a better world. Currently, ‘Ashawe’ is trending at number 11 on YouTube trending list which showcases the success of this song.  

(Syndicated press content is neither written, edited or endorsed by Brendon Shanil – E Online Sri Lanka)

An Interview with Music Producer and DJ Artist, Giorgio Leone IT


How Did You Get Into Music & For How Long Have You Been Producing?

I’ve always been into music and since I was a teenager, back in Italy, I’ve explored every angle of it and how to create sounds and later songs. I am an early self-learner, this passion led me to fall in love with the art of being a DJ and a music producer afterward. I’ve been strongly influenced by the techno and house scene from Catania, my hometown. It’s been more than ten years since I’ve aimed to start a career in releasing music and performing.

What Inspires You & What Makes You Want To Keep Producing Music?

I am driven by emotions, when I’m in the right mood my creativity would show up and it would start to throw new projects out of my mind. I remember the day I put together “Resistance“, for the label Neu Gravity, I was pretty stressed due to personal issues. In the evening, when everything’s solved, I was finally released and excited. At that moment I got the spark and I started working on the track all night long.

What Do You Feel Are The Other Elements An Artist Needs To Have As Part Of Their Product To Go Out There And Pitch It?

Nowadays I’m seeing so many artists with too many similarities and the same flow. In my opinion, an artist should have something out of the ordinary to shine. Talking about music, the sound should be unique, an artist’s mark. This is what I always try to do when I write my pieces, I want listeners to feel the difference and enjoy it.

What Are A Few Key Lessons You’ve Learned About Producing That Other Aspiring Musicians And Producers Could Take Advice From?

Don’t care about judgment, take the energy from haters and convert it into your music. Believe in yourself, you create your destiny. Never stop chasing your dreams. I had to move from Italy to Taiwan to achieve my goals, it’s not easy at the beginning but never give up

In Your Opinion, What Classifies As A Good Mix And A Good Master?

Mixing a track is that moment where you combine layers of audio to make one final track. From my point of view, when producing a track, everything should sound harmonic and in a complete frequency balance.

That’s already a key point, if you got this, you have a good mix.

Mastering is taking that completed mix out and preparing it for distribution. It aims to enhance and balancing particular characteristics of the track, by using Eq, compressors, limiters, saturators, imagers, and meters. It’s the cherry on the cake!

From DJ Producer To Entrepreneur, How?

I founded “Our Muzik”, a community that aims to bring European music style and spread House and Techno around Taiwan and Asia. In 2020 we organized our first successful festival attracting global attention and international press such as Mixmag Asia. We are growing up and our audience as well. The next step will be to register “Our Muzik” as an official record label and to start releasing the music of Taiwanese talented producers and artists from all over the world.

Gianluca Gallo With His Latest Single ” BAILANDO MAMBO” Makes The Whole World Dance


The rising talent of Gianluca Gallo is giving something to talk about now through the song “Bailando Mambo” where he, in complicity with Lydia Breska, exploits the Latin rhythms seeking to make more and more audiences dance.

With extensive experience behind and having success on his side, Gianluca Gallo once again shares with his audience all that potential that he possesses, although today it is the Latin rhythms that give account of his voice and charisma, this through a hundred percent song.
Dance hundred entitled “Bailando Mambo”, where he also shares his talent with that of Lydia Breska who, with her vocal timbre, gives this proposal a feminine touch to make it even more palatable to the auditory sense.

“Bailando Mambo” is a piece that invites body movement from the first notes, a story that is told in two languages, seeking not only to conquer the auditory sense of Gianluca Gallo’s loyal followers but also of those Latin audiences who like rhythm contagious and who is looking for proposals impregnated with quality and talent.

At the same time it means the new musical step for Gianluca after the great success he achieved with the remake of the very popular song “Susanna”, a work that had obtained more than 2 million visits on YouTube, more than 1 million reproductions on Spotify, more than 50 magazine slots in the US and Europe, plus 1,500 radio stations around the world and 1 month of broadcast on MTV US.

In this 2021 it is time for a new proposal one hundred percent danceable, loaded with a lot of Latin rhythm and with the quality and talent that has characterized the career of Gianluca Gallo, an artist who from a very young age showed his musical abilities and who have done it.

Led to be a great figure not only in his native Italy but also in other countries where the public dances and enjoys his proposals. “Bailando Mambo” will be available on all digital platforms, a proposal by Gianluca Gallo to brighten this time that is being lived worldwide and that is necessary for many people who are looking for in music, a proposal with quality that is the perfect pretext to start dancing.


Born in Agrigento in 1974, Gianluca Gallo began playing the guitar at the age of only 12. at the age of 13 he passed her exams entering the Music Conservatory of Palermo. at the age of 16, he formed his first Rock group, not neglecting his studies at the Conservatory. In the meantime he began composing and singing Italian Rock style songs and after having sent auditions to various show agencies, he was called to perform in the concert of some singers such as Francesco Baccini, Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Mingardi, Los Locos. In 1998 he recorded a song titled (Quanto Tempo) and it is thanks to this song that has been successful in Sicily and southern Italy, this song is passed on the radio and Gianluca is called as a guest in various events of Piazza and also host of television programs . In 1999 he began his Tournée with 7 dates in the Sicilian squares, with Pop Rock songs written by himself, obtaining great favor from the public and reaching in some squares an audience of 5.000 people. In 2001 he finally released his first single CD titled (Un tuffo al Mare) a joking single that goes a bit ‘out of the rules, the electro-pop-Latin style, and this time begins another tour with 10 dates. In 2007 comes the single (È Tardi … Arrivederci) that brings Gianluca a decent success in Italy, first through a television commercial that uses the song and then through over 400 national radio stations that pass the song. 2020 Gianluca is the time of Susanna, this is a remake of the very popular Susanna song. Susanna had obtained more then 2 million views in YouTube, more then 1 million plays in Spotify, more then 50 magazine in USA and Europe, more then 1500 Radio worldwide and 1 month of streaming in MTV USA.

2021 in 13 of May Gianluca will Release the new song Bailando Mambo in Latino Style in all digital platform Worldwide.



Release Date: 13/05/2021
ISRC Code: QZHN42116805
Main Genre: LATINO
Sub-Genres: POP LATINO

How Was The Song Recorded (what was the process like, who was it recorded with, how was the track create)?
I am Gianluca Gallo, I have created my song in my recording studio.
I done all the things, Because I am Guitar Maestro and Singer songwriter, also I am Sound Engineer.

What Inspired You To Write / Create The Track?

I was Inspired to the Latin character in general, of course I have my style, that’s why in my previous release Susanna can listen the saxophone and this have again to the BAILANDO MAMBO

What Is The Message You Wish Listeners To Take Away From The Track?

My Message is: Enjoy my Bailando Mambo and start to dance with my song.

How did you get into music?

I was very young when I start to play, then I was study in Conservatorio of Palermo guitar and singing.

Any Previous Press / Radio / Streaming Coverage You Have Had Before

in 2020, SUSANNA

Do you have any gigs/tours planned in the future? Where?

We talk now, but no sure, hope in Mexico, Nicaragua, Miami , America Latina

Anything else that you can think of that is really important and you want people to know about you?
Yes, The people need to Know, I love the music and love to stay in contact with my funs, and I hope we will asap start with my TOUR BAILANDO MAMBO

Additional Information:

Artist name: GIANLUCA GALLO song title: BAILANDO MAMBO Music genre: POP LATINO

Apple link:


Spotify link:

https://open.spotify.com/album/1wpcJWUdCoz1yx6NOYg7VY?si=0u_uzOf- T ses2K31LnBYFw






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