Born in Wilmington, DE, a state little known for its ventures in Hip- Hop, TheRealLonnie embarked on his musical journey at only the age of 13 being heavily influenced by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, and XXXTentacion. Playful with contrasting andante melodies and his vivace rhythmic flow, It’s safe to say this artist’s tempo is experimental and paradoxical, much like him. In his unique way of self-expression and experimentation, TheRealLonnie utilizes storytelling to provide his listeners with his perspectives while also bringing them to intriguing thoughts.

TheRealLonnie’s braggadocious voice yet humbling messages become evident in songs such as “Ntgnatakeitslow” and “CRYSTAL CITY”, In other songs like “Soul Of A Lost Traveller”, he once more demonstrates this interesting contradiction through themes of love, yet the devastation that can possibly lead to hate. These contradictions highlight just how human this artist is; further enforcing the idea of “I am good and I am bad”.

More than 9 months after the release of his debut video, TheRealLonnie has returned with his highly-anticipated follow-up EP, 3 FOR 3. Show casing his array of styles and creativity, TRL creates a boundary pushing project with only 2 guest appearances. lilskii and FREEBAND SWERVE both find a place at home holding their own respectfully on songs like ‘STRIP SHIT’ and ‘LMK’. The 3-song project (2 Bonus) is all new material from the Wilmington rapper.

Listen to TheRealLonnie’s latest EP 3 FOR 3 below.

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