This summer the world’s next pivotal app, VenueGPS will surface to revolutionize today’s demand by personalizing all entertainment experiences. Have you ever been asked or asked yourself, “what’s going on tonight” or mindlessly wandering on social media hoping to find information or a notification on something you would like to attend? Are you new to an area and want to know what is the best cuisine, or favorite “Hang-outs” nearby? Founder and CEO Conn Morey has created a one stop shop for Entertainers, Business Owners and people like YOU to seamlessly interact while on the go or planning life’s pleasures.
How VenueGPS Works for General Users: 
Let’s start by creating a FREE ACCOUNT with a 30 Day Trial to build the ultimate personalized experience. Simply selecting a quantity of your favorite venue types, music genres, food cuisines, amenities and those must-see entertainers permits the application to auto-promote your preferences for you. Once your profile is completed, easily turn on and control the notification feature for each followed business profile. You will also have access to the directory of over 100,000 verified businesses of nightlife, venues, artists, entertainers, annual and community events to ensure you will always be in the know of everything you enjoy not just in your hometown but any city in the US and soon the world! Finally, you don’t have to say, “I wish I would have known” …Now you will have details of the date, time, directions, ticket cost, as well as live RSVPs on how many people are at the location, health restrictions and so much more.
How VenueGPS Works for Business Accounts:
Only VenueGPS allows its business profile owners to put the power back into their own hands. Every business account will have their own commercialized page allowing the options and controls to be regulated by staging recurrent auto-posts, which can be days or months out to upcoming events of special guests to after parties. The business profile owners will have options to update amenities, list all social media, parking information, business hours to third party applications of ticket sales, food delivery, food menus or table reservations. This will give your current and future customers up-to-date detailed information on your business and provide the consumer a piece of mind. The comfort of knowing they have all the information needed from a reputable validated source is an essential feature when using VenueGPS.

How VenueGPS Works for Entertainers:
VenueGPS will enable validated entertainers, artists and emerging personalities to create a FREE account allowing your fanbase to know when and where you will be performing or appearing within the VenueGPS categories of Nightlife, Entertainment, National, Festivals, Vehicle Communities, Sports or Media. As an entertainer you have the power to update all of your music media applications, your merch releases, share your tour or event calendar, list all of your social media links with your existing fanbase, as well as give you the ability to enter a digital marketplace where you would like to boost your local visibility, build more social awareness as well as 
business income.
Ultimately, VenueGPS has done all the work for you, scouring the internet, contacting both reputable companies and entertainers to ensure your entertainment experience is both safe and enjoyable. You can finally have everything you need to know wherever you go in the palm of your hand. 
** Every city, venue, brand, entertainer and businesses are Validated**
Click the link below for a quick tutorial from Founder CEO Conn Morey on how Venuegps works:

In the event you are Entertainer, Business, Annual Event Owner, DJ, Entertainment Team, Record Label, Promoter, Comedian, Media Professional and beyond and have not been contacted please reach out to [email protected] or for immediate needs contact the CEO directly at

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