With a net-worth of $100 million if you don’t know Ghost Kid, then you should. He is one of the most sought after and diverse music producers in the industry, mastering every instrument and producing every genre of music for the likes of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Diddy, Chris Brown ,Dababy, Usher, Jay Z and many more of your favorite artists. 

The Tri coastal producer born in North Carolina, raised in south-central LA has been in Miami and Atlanta diligently finishing Usher’s new album. Aside from the millions of dollars, Ghost has already accumulated from being such a successful producer and songwriter in the music industry his new management Bangvillage just secured a million-dollar label deal which will enable Ghost to put out his own artist under universal music group.

When sitting down with Ghost and asking him how do you create these Hit records? This was his response. “My process for making a hit record is very different. I have the formula,” “I don’t guess, I don’t wonder. I simply ask the label and the artist what are you going for? And I just dial up the music as if it was a computer in my brain.”