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Donovan ‘The Don Killuminati’ Reveals Never-Before-Told Origins of 2PAC and ThugLife Theories in Tell-All Book “2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST”


Donovan “The Don” Henry’s book 2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST, out on BarnesandNoble.com, shares the blueprints for iconic success used by Tupac Shakur and many of Hip Hop’s biggest-selling artists in the 1990s. The Don, who was Tupac’s Artist Development Coach and Image Consultant Coach for his first six albums including the eponymous The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, unveils many marketing strategies that record labels don’t want revealed. He is available for workshops, book readings and lectures.

Among the secrets exposed in the tell-all book is the origin and meaning of Tupac’s alias 2PAC. An acronym for 2 People Are Creating, 2PAC is a reference to Tupac and The Don’s creative partnership. Their teaming began in true Hollywood style motif as two teenagers who embarked on a journey in pursuit of global acclaim. They met in 1989 on the blockbuster Budweiser Superfest stadium tour. The Don was a dancer, choreographer, and image consultant for LL Cool J, and Tupac was a dancer and roadie for Digital Underground. Impressed with the work The Don was doing with LL, Tupac enlisted the young music executive to develop a five-year plan to make him the G.O.A.T., greatest of all time.

2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST is the first ever look inside the mind that brought the world numerous multi-million dollars’ platinum-selling recording artists. The Don developed the concepts, skills and methodologies it takes to become an iconic legend. The Don who conceptualized the process for Tupac’s ThugLife Theory as the Muse of 2PAC and the blueprints for LL Cool J’s G.O.A.T. formula a Triple Threat Artist career unlocks the never-before-told insiders stories.

Tupac Shakur’s Artist Development and Image Consultant Coach Donovan “The Don” Henry has written a music industry manual for Artists aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs in Hip Hop industry. In his book, 2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST, available on BarnesandNoble.com, The Don walks readers through the strategies he conceptualized to help the iconic rapper achieve The Greatest of All Time status in five years.

2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST explains how The Don’s G.O.A.T. plan incorporated aspects of his backstory Thug-Life Theory works with other artists, studies of Niccolo Machiavelli’s book The Prince, and the backstories of his and Tupac’s personal hardships inspired his development of the personas and concepts for Tupac’s first five albums. In acknowledgment of The Don’s vision and their collaboration, Tupac developed the pseudonym 2PAC, an acronym for “2 People Are Creating.” 2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST’s narrative is intertwined with quotes, lists, and codes that offer artists steps, philosophies, and models to follow. 

In the “Don’t Call it a Comeback” chapter, The Don discusses being recruited by Russell Simmons in 1989 to rebrand LL Cool’s image preceding the release of the 1990 Mama Said Knock You Out album.

The Don describes recommending that Marley Marl remix LL’s “Jingling Baby,” LL abandon his then trademark Kangol hat, and intensify his efforts to appeal to female fans by advising him to “lick his lips at the end of any sentence while doing TV interviews and using sexual innuendos as humor.”

The root of the 2PAC and The Notorious B.I.G. beef is explained in the “Kopy Katz Era” chapter. The Don writes that 2PAC was grooming The Notorious B.I.G., teaching him about his Thug Life Mafioso style and stage presence, and planned to sign him to his future label. However, B.I.G. signed with Sean “Puffy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records instead and plagiarized 2PAC’s concepts for B.I.G’s Ready 2 Die album and marketing campaign.

About Donovan “The Don” Henry

With more than 30 years in the music business, Donovan “The Don” Henry has produced for many platinum-recording artists, television sitcoms, talk shows, films, and commercials for product promotion and development in domestic/international markets. He is personally responsible for artist development, casting, treatments of movement, and image consulting in over 300 various productions of film/video internet technology, digital media and television spaces. As a rigorous passionate music enthusiast with creativity and innovation talent to create content for both monetization and marketing purposes. Co-founder of 2PAC and only survivor that tells the story in depth full disclosure of the creation process used to spawn the careers of numerous 90’s Hip-Hop music moguls. As the creator of 2PAC’s Thug Life Theory & GOAT Formula Donovan The Don Killuminati (named on one of the best-selling albums of all time) gives you a look behind the velvet rope. Two people together they dream of a future where people can be free and then, with courage, set sail to find it. This inspiration true story of the horrid conditions that sparked a world-wide movement “Thug Life Theory” and the historic impact that Thug life had on many generations of the people caught in its path;


First condition I made Pac swear never to mention me in credits nor interviews moving in silence was my philosophy and I wanted complete anonymity.

Second stipulation for helping Pac become G.O.A.T. was my half of proceeds would go to a foundation for Inner City kids after school boy & girls club of Creative Arts development in every major city.

Third specification was Pac had to follow all ten Thug Life Theory Codex rules unconditionally.

Non-Fiction: Business, History, True Crime, Pop Culture, Biographies, Art & Music Entertainment

Book Synopsis includes Memoirs of The Don Killuminati an orphan from the gully Brooklyn streets who survived by fearless wits and desire to save the world. After years of abuse at the hands of his mother and alcoholic-father he escapes to the cold Brooklyn streets trying to break into the music industry driven by vengeance and anger. The Don and Tupac cross paths in an unfamiliar world, a world forever changed by their combined forces. The Don with Tupac join forces under the persona 2PAC an acronym that means Two People Are Creating Donovan ‘The Don’ Henry & Tupac Shakur. Est. in 1989. sought out new adventures in an industry at its pinnacle Golden Age. The Adventure begins in true Hollywood style movie motif as two teenagers embark on a journey to prove or rather spark the world awareness of their existence.

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Rising Pop Star Leon Budrow Finds Inspiration through Dark Times with Armand Peri’s Top Selling Book “Unparalled Success”


The year 2020 has been undeniably challenging on all facets of life.  With world wide community and business shutdowns due to the novel coronavirus, people all over the world have lost money, lives, careers and ultimately their own way of living and personal happiness.  With the world turned upside down there has been little to look forward to these days, as each day feels like a repeating loop of the same unsettling situations.

No matter how dark the days may seem, which grow even darker as winter approaches, there is always a silver lining to be found.  Pop star Leon Budrow has been searching for this lining, as 2020 all but ended the momentum he had built the previous year. 

“Last year (2019) was amazing.  I had finally reached my dreams and began living the life I had always wanted.”  Budrow explains.  “The entire year was filled new shows, nationwide tours, new music and plenty of great time with friends.  I had great plans for 2020, until the coronavirus hit.”

Coming off of such an amazing year, which included three tours reaching 32 performances, 24 venues, 21 cities and 13 states, Budrow was set to release a new album, which he was working to promote with another nationwide tour.  That is until the virus derailed his plans.

 “It really sucks that all of those plans had to be put on hold.  So much money and momentum was lost this year, especially within the entertainment industry.”  Budrow states.  “It’s been really difficult to push forward, but I won’t give up.” 

With so many plans lost and so little to find inspiration from, Budrow made a choice to begin working on himself.   It was then that Budrow began reading many books, most notably Armand Peri’s top seller “Unparalled Success.”

“There are a lot of books out there that you can read and listen to that will no doubt help you through any tough times you encounter, but I found the most uplifting and beneficial information while reading ‘Unparalled Success’ (by Armand Peri)” Budrow explains.

Peri, a former professional body builder and world renowned entrepreneur, most certainly knows a thing or two about motivation and success.  An artist and author at that, the entertainment mogul has taken over the night club scene with the world’s hottest male revue’s and drag show productions – including the world famous Hunk-O-Mania Male Revue.

“Whenever I was feeling down or off track, I’d reach for Armand’s book.”  Budrow states.  “The book contains so much valuable and uplifting information, but what I like the most about it is that it is an easy read.  Everything is perfectly outlined and to the point, it is an incredibly helpful book to have.” 

“Unparalled Success” has become a popular read for people all over the world looking to better themselves and improve their lives.  Given Armand Peri’s life experience, the words outlined in his book are most certainly life changing.

“The book really gets right to point by addressing the major areas in your life that you need to focus on for “Unparalled Success.”  The first chapter outlines each area for you, making a great reference read in itself – but then dives deeper into each specific area in following chapters.”  Budrow explains.  

“The book contains so much information, from the importance of a happy home life, how to set and take action on a goal, the importance of financial freedom, physical and mental health, and even provides fitness and nutrition tips.”

Using Peri’s book as a motivational tool, Budrow was able to stay on track during 2020’s difficult times, referencing the books chapters for each area he felt he needed additional support with.

“I’d say I’ve read the entire book front to back at least three times now.”  Budrow explains.  “Aside from that, I often find myself referencing specific chapters and ideas within the book whenever I need that additional boost for whatever subject I am facing at that time.”

“The book as really helped me through this rough year, and I highly recommend it to anybody that is looking to make positive change in their lives.”

Follow Leon Budrow & Armand Peri on social media at the links provided, and be sure to purchase your own copy Armand Peri’s “Unparalled Success” (available on Kindle and Hard Copy) at the link below.

Leon Budrow

Instagram @leonbudrow

Twitter @leonbudrow


Armand Peri

Instagram @lifeperiway

Twitter @armandperi


Unparalled Success

Nuvysion Making A Debut In The Music Industry By Signing Their First R&B Artist


The NuVysion Media Group just added a new division to the empire, NuVysion Music headed by CEO Kimlynn Archie (Stormii Knights), COO Tamika Archie and Director of Artist Management James Washington (Jay Wash). This is a team of motivated and creative women who plans to bring something different to the independent artistry in a management company.

NuVysion Media Group has so many different elements to this small company ran by women. This company not only have a presence in the independent film industry, a streaming channel via Roku but now making moves in the music industry. With NuVysion’s working relationship with 2 record labels and collaboration with several talented producers that has already made a name for themselves in the industry will definitely ensure a strong presence.

NuVysion has a passion for helping others develop and elevate. With the desire, dedication and Jay Wash’s strong musical background NuVysion Music will go to all new heights.

June 01, 2021 NuVysion Music has signed R&B singer/songwriter Adrienne LaShe. Adrienne is originally from Inglewood, CA and has been singing since she was 10. In July 2013 she auditioned for NBC The Voice and performed for Strive For Success Competition among other performances across DFW and California. “Having the opportunity to work with an amazing talent as Adrienne LaShe is a great honor and we welcome her to the NuVysion family.: says COO Tamika Archie

NuVysion Music is definitely on their way. Some of the short-term goals for NuVysion Music is to have the opportunity to discover and develop other artist in starting their career in the industry.

For more information on NuVysion Music, please visit website www.nuvysionmediagroup.com or Facebook or Instagram Nuvysion Media Group

Makeup: Chyrss Branch, Dallas, TX
Photos: Richard Jackson, Dallas, TX



Sami Muleci was born on June 21, 1997 in the city of Skenderaj, state of Kosovo, but he lives in Austria, in the city of Graz.

Sami Muleci’s parents’ name is Father Muharrem Muleci, Mother Kimete Muleci, he has 2 brothers named Avni Muleci & Flamur Muleci. He completed primary school in Austria as well High school in Austria, majoring in Computer Science.

Sami together with his close family have a construction business in Austria where all Austrians recognize this company as one of the largest companies in Austria and Samis’s father named this company Sam Bau, where he is the heir of this business is Sami himself.

Since his childhood, his parents discovered Sami’s talent in music, and they always support him, even though he is continuing his studies, to never leave music aside because he was a very rare talent.

Sami Muleci started with music at a very young age, he started several different music projects, but in 2021 Samiu who is known in the branch of music with the nickname SAM. The music project entitled Where are you, where Sam with this music project managed to be very successful, where there was a large audience and distribution from the public in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Switzerland and Austria. Many newspapers from the aforementioned countries also write about this project and Sam’s talent.

All of Sam’s lyrics were written by him when asked where he gets the inspiration he said from the life he lives. Sam will soon have the next projects and in an interview he ended by saying that now is my time.

Introducing New Emerging RnB/Pop Artist Eva Constance and her Summer Hit “FORGET ME”


Just when we thought all the good music’s out, Eva Constance breaks the mold with a hot new summer groove titled, “Forget Me.” And boy oh boy, IT IS SMOKING.

Quite unlike the name, the wavy beats of this song are anything but forgettable. In fact, the calm, rhythmic pulse and catchy lyrics will fill listeners with 2000s nostalgia and then some.

Yessiree, the days of crop tops, bandannas and low-riding bedazzled jeans are making a major comeback in Eva’s latest work of art.

And this isn’t her first rodeo.

Eva Constance, also known as Chanteuse Green, had already released a successful debut single back in 2020. The song, “Selfish,” also pays homage to all the female music icons of the glorious 2000s.

Let’s just stay it was a hit! And that’s putting it mildly. “Selfish” was what everyone needed to unwind from all that 2020 drama. With more than 500,000 streams, it definitely set the bar extra high for the new singer – I mean, how could she top that masterpiece!

But, smash it she did, with her latest single, “Forget Me.”

In this beautiful piece, the Connecticut-born artist ups the tempo and ushers us into a pulsating world of drop top cars, sunny days at the beach, and swaying seductively in your bathing suit.

Inspired by the combined sounds of the 90’s and 2000’s, “Forget me” certainly delivers on the groovy factor. And why wouldn’t it? When she’s been influenced by hip-hop legends like Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera and Destiny Child – talk about an arsenal of Greats.

She also adds her own spicy twist  to it.

Eva’s “Forget Me” sports sweet Alt RnB undertones that rounds up the ensemble and leaves you with a lingering desire for your carefree years.

So, if it isn’t obvious by now, this baby is the ultimate summer song.

Check it. Riding around town with your short shorts, the wind blowing through your hair, and Eva’s sonorous voice reminding you that she’ll always be on your mind. Dreamy right? 

And that brings us to the lyrics.

“Forget Me” is a song about re-evaluating your self worth, and knowing that despite the fact you feel used, you’re unforgettable. To friend and foe alike. There is absolutely no one like you, and that’s what makes you special.

You are irreplaceable. And those who have pushed you out of their lives would realize the truth that,  “even if you want to, you can’t forget me.” You simply can’t.

This anthem/mantra is echoed over and over in the chorus, making the song an irresistible  addition to your summer playlist.

Eva Constance has truly outdone herself. And like her debut, “Selfish,” this new release is completely unmatched. It is a breath of fresh air in a a somewhat clone-y music scene.

Would Eva’s sultry voice bowl you over? You can answer that with only one click.

What are you waiting for? Go stream Eva’s dope new single and be a part of her loyal, and confident fanbase.

As for us, this song will remain on repeat, till the summer’s over.

Happy listening folks. And don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Forget me – https://open.spotify.com/track/65RQyw2vE5zukuue2B3x8Z?si=a76143c543854972

Eva’s other Links – 





Artist & Producer Ace Drucci Is Making An New Wave’s In 2021


Ace Drucci is an artist and producer in Atlanta making some noise in the music industry. His latest single ‘Yummy Top’ featuring Boujee Candi has been working the national radio stations in the southern region and has hit Billboard charts this week. But Ace Drucci is not a new to the industry, he has worked with serval major artist as a producer and artist. He company Cap City Media Group is distributed by the legendary label Tuff Gong who is known to be that label created by reggae legend Bob Marley. Ace Drucci is definitely making his mark in the music industry.

FreshPrince Tk Drops A Fire New Visual “In My Bag”


One thing about FreshPrince Tk he’s determined to rise to the top. Tk is hardworking and using his head while making noise in the rap game. FreshPrince Tk is putting numbers on the board and he’s focused. With labels tuning in and starting to notice how persistent he is. Tk drops off his new visual “In My Bag” and it’s pure entertainment. Check out the complete video below and show FreshPrince Tk some love.

FreshPrince Tk INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/1freshprincetk

FreshPrince Tk WEBSITE: https://unitedmasters.com/freshprince-tk

Who Is Lil Avo?


Meaningful bars, significant zingers and unparalleled melodic intuition are credits that aren’t frequently found in current hip bounce. Alvaro Ruiz who is known as Lil Avo is the epitome of Hip Hop’s always advancing features. The clever rapper from San Diego, CA has two EPs in his collection in particular “Avo” and “Right”. Born June 7, 2003, Lil Avo is now causing a ripple effect and building up himself as a valid voice and the following overall marvel. 

His Debut Album “Letter for You” was released on SoundCloud, June 7, 2021. The collection includes 2 Bandz and Joji and contains 12 tracks that will keep rap fans captivated! Lil Avo is the response to the inquiry that rap music hasn’t posed at this point and the missing piece to Hip Hop’s endless riddle. 

Lil Avo is known for conveying hard hitting verses that are passed on with exactness, over trial, unpredictable creation that gets various perspectives from a wide range of sorts and impacts. He makes it his mean to motivate individuals with his music, however to utilize it as a course to declare a message that will alter a whole age.

Album link 


Instagram link 





Rapper Waynehead Is Making An Impact Coast to Coast


Waynehead is a determined rapper with national appeal. His music combines a unique style with witty lyrics, and a true passion for Hip-Hop. At first listen, it’s evident that this young maverick has the power and the talent to become a household name on the Urban Music circuit.

Rap juggernaut Waynehead is one of the top independent rappers to watch in 2021. The incredibly gifted, multi-talented rhyme slinger paints portraits of his world with his music. He has honed a refreshing style that combines street tales with wisdom and food for thought.

His music conveys an element of “truth” and “realness.” The magnetic rapper has an appeal that is international in scope and definition. Waynehead offers a rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and creativity that’s often absent in street rap.

Waynehead creates timeless music delivered with heartfelt emotion. With a passionate flow and unmatched cadence, Waynehead storms the Hip hop scene with unique vision. He sits at the helm of Bigg Dawg LLC. Although he refers to himself as the “Bigg Dawg” he makes music for the underdogs. ” I was a troubled man looking for a way out. I was a nothing who turned into something, and a nobody who turned into somebody,” raves the rapper.

He is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in his path.  He has a natural knack for melody that separates him from most of his peers. The wordsmith is making an impact with his single and visual called “Bigger Than Bigger.” The song explodes with unadulterated candor. The head boppin’, trap sounding track features Waynehead’s trademark lyrical dexterity and riveting flair. Follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/waynehead_1700

Multi-Talented Singer Sauvi DuVin is a Connoisseur of Wine and R&B


Captivating, dynamic and spellbinding are the words being used to describe singer/songwriter Sauvi DuVin. At times brilliant and at times unique, Sauvi DuVin is relentlessly engaging. Her incredible voice, magnetic delivery, and irresistible personality have already earned her acclaim among music aficionados globally. She is a wine connoisseur. And just how it takes time to develop fine wine, the songstress takes her time and dedication to create captivating songs that touch the soul.

The Atlanta based songstress is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion. Sauvi DuVin is a musical Tour De Force. Her intense energy and undeniable flair capture her listeners. She has an international appeal and her music ascends above regional boundaries. Her range, cadence, and flow are spectacular. The texture of her voice is a perfect reflection of humble dominance.

Sauvi DuVin’s musical inspirations and influences include Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys,  Jill Scott, Jamie Foxx, H.E.R., Jhené Aiko and Doja Cat. The versatile beauty has developed her talent amidst many obstacles. However, over the years she has beaten the odds and kept the faith. My philosophy is “Show the world how great you are” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens,” proclaims the songstress.

Standing out in an ever-changing music industry is no easy task. But Sauvi DuVin has mapped out a recipe for success. Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakable will to succeed, the unique singer is already making an impact on the independent music scene and beyond. She is currently working hard preparing for the release of her forthcoming EP entitled “This One’s For You”.

Moreover, Sauvi DuVin demonstrates her unforgettable melodies and explosive vocals on her single, “Too Late” featuring Yani Mo. The song is rhythmic and alluring. “Too Late” is sure to appeal to R&B fans around the globe. She effortlessly shifts her voice and delivery into the beat so that it acts as an additional instrument within the track. Sauvi DuVin adds class, intellect and style to her genre. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sauviduvin/

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