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Multi-platinum, 3x Grammy-nominated producer Ghost-Kid is on a roll and showing no signs of slowing down. Currently, he is tearing up the Billboard Hot R&B charts with Usher’s new single “Good Good,” featuring 21 Savage and Summer Walker. Ghost wrote on the track “Good Good,” which was produced by the Grammy-nominated duo Mel & Mus. The song also includes writing credits from Usher, Tauren Stovall, and Felly the voice. Ghost has also produced a number of tracks on Usher’s untitled new album, rumored to be releasing this fall. 

You can also catch Ghost-Kid’s production featured on Diddy’s “OFF THE GRID” album, set to be released on September 15th on Love Records. Ghost is credited as the main producer on the tracks “Mind Your Business” and “Bosses in Love,” featuring Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign. There’s no secret that Ghost-Kid has produced for some of the top artists in the industry, including Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, DaBaby, Jay Z, Diddy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Bryson Tiller, Ne-Yo, 50 Cent, Latto, Nicki Minaj, and the list goes on and on. Ghost plays guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums, allowing him to navigate freely while producing for these major artists. 

Ghost has a heavy workload ahead of him as the list of newly signed and established artists continues to pile up. Additionally, he is also working on some upcoming major film projects. He has recently been seen in the studio with Nezi, a newly signed Def Jam artist who caught the attention of music heavyweights such as Snoop Dogg and Timbaland with a viral freestyle.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ghostkiddaproducer/

Brandon Rootz: The Music Prodigy Making Waves in Multiple Music Genres Globally

Brandon Hess, famously known as the music artist and producer Brandon Rootz, is a musical prodigy whose journey through the world of music began at an astonishingly young age. Starting piano lessons at the tender age of 5, it quickly became apparent that Brandon had an innate gift for music. His remarkable talent was evident when, after hearing the Star-Spangled Banner at his little league baseball event, he returned home and flawlessly played the song on the piano by ear. This remarkable ability was the first glimpse of the extraordinary musical career that would follow.

Brandon Rootz’s musical genius has not only garnered acclaim but has also been credited on some of the most notable projects in the industry. His compositions contributed to the Grammy-nominated album “Upside Down” by Buju Banton, featuring the likes of Stephen Marley, Pharrell Williams, and John Legend. He also left his mark on the soundtrack of the blockbuster film “Bad Boys For Life,” sharing credits with artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Rick Ross, and Daddy Yankee.

While Brandon Rootz has made significant contributions to the reggae and Jamaican music scene, collaborating with icons like Buju Banton, Luciano Messenjah, and King Jammys, his musical talent transcends genres and geographical boundaries. His music seamlessly spans rock, blues, country, jazz, and pop, captivating audiences worldwide.

What’s New? 

Fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate the release of his upcoming single, “Without The Greed,” featuring reggae legend Luciano Messenjah. Brandon Rootz recently took center stage at the prestigious Montego Bay festival, “Sumfest,” on July 22, 2023, where he was personally invited to perform by the legendary producer King Jammys.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Brandon Rootz has just wrapped up a live album, recorded at Bob Marley’s iconic Tuff Gong studio in Kingston, Jamaica. The album features the remarkable talents of guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith, a veteran who toured with Bob Marley and The Wailers and now lends his musical prowess to Brandon Rootz.

As Brandon Rootz continues to make waves in the music industry, the future holds limitless possibilities for this exceptionally talented artist.

About Brandon Rootz: 

Brandon Rootz, born Brandon Hess, is a multifaceted music artist and producer renowned for his musical prowess across various genres. His extraordinary talent has left an indelible mark on the music industry, with his compositions featured on Grammy-nominated albums and blockbuster movie soundtracks. Brandon Rootz’s musical journey is a testament to his unbridled passion for creating timeless and genre-defying music.

Samuel D. Hayslett aka Danny Warbuckz Is A Rising Film & Music Mogul

Samuel D. Hayslett is a current rising music executive and film producer, who’s achieved a lot in a very short period of time. From landing on the Billboard charts, to creating a soon to be classic film, Danny Warbuckz is for sure becoming an individual that seems to be shaking the room everywhere he goes.

A few years ago, Danny Warbuckz came across a talented young singer who went by the name of Mike Jay, although now he currently goes under the moniker TruPopGod. After realizing the potential that the young artist had, Danny decided to go into business with him by signing Mike Jay to his “Beyond The 360 Deal” under his company Music Files Inc. Under this contract the company agrees to pay a minimum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in order to help the artist enhance their career. During Danny’s time working with Mike Jay, they managed to land a spot on the Billboard top 100 charts after the release of their single “Heels.” Heels was spun on FM radio throughout the country and accumulated over one million streams and both YouTube and Spotify. These are results that many reach for, but only few actually obtain. Warbuckz is definitely someone who shows no signs of slowing down in any field he steps in.

As of now Danny Warbuckz is working on his debut feature film which is titled, “The Black Experiment.” Throughout the film, it demonstrates the hardships that our youth face within the inner-city communities on a daily basis. It shows that even when you have good adult role models while growing up, it’s very easy to fall victim to the pressures, and bad situations within the streets. This film has the potential to shift the culture and spread a positive message for the next generation. There will also be limited edition NFTs for purchase, for the true fans of the film.

Samuel D. Hayslett who’s most known as Danny Warbuckz, is seemingly making his rounds across different industries, and making sure he leaves his mark in everything he does. Whether it’s releasing a major debut film, or hitting the top of the Billboard charts, Danny Warbuckz is one of the few people who seem to repeatedly achieve the impossible. Follow Danny Warbuckz on all platforms @dannywarbuckz and make sure to keep up with all future release dates and content from this current rising entertainment mogul.

Pastor James E. Allen’s Book delivers a revealing look at Church hypocrisy and its impact on congregations

In a riveting exploration of the hidden truths within religious institutions, Pastor James E. Allen presents his thought-provoking book, “The Hypocrisy of The Church.” Pastor Allen exposes a critical issue plaguing congregations today with a narrative that sheds light on the painful consequences of hypocrisy.

Drawing from his extensive experience in leadership roles within the church spanning nearly four decades, Pastor Allen offers a perspective on the hypocrisy that often lurks beneath the surface in these important community centers. “The Hypocrisy of The Church” dives deep into Pastor Allen’s own experiences, which are often unsettling, but are also things that many readers will relate to. This includes the challenges he faced after becoming a father to a child outside of his marriage. This personal account serves as a stark reminder that even those in positions of authority, like the church, are not free from sin or the challenges that are driven by human nature.

The book delves into the etymology of the term “hypocrite,” tracing its origins to the Greek word “hypocrites,” which translates to “actor” or “stage performer.” This concept underlines the mask that many within the church wear, projecting an image of purity and perfection while concealing their inner struggles. By scrutinizing this hypocrisy, Pastor Allen aims to shed light on the alienation and disillusionment it engenders among congregants.

“Too often, individuals seeking solace and spiritual guidance are met with judgment and hypocrisy within religious communities,” Pastor Allen commented. “This book serves as a clarion call for the church to confront its own failings and create a more positive, honest, and constructive environment.”

Readers are introduced to a journey that challenges preconceived notions and encourages readers to look inside and to God for answers. Through “The Hypocrisy of The Church,” Pastor Allen advocates for a collective reckoning, urging the church to recognize its own flaws and forge a path toward healing and restoration.

Aimee Tustin, a reader from Indiana, remarked in a recent five-star review, “James Allen’s books are opening my eyes and giving me hope that my search will be satisfied! And that God is guiding the whole process!”

“The Hypocrisy of The Church” stands as call to action. It seems certain that Pastor Allen’s message will only continue to expand its reach.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the inner workings of religious institutions and a path toward renewal, “The Hypocrisy of The Church” is now available for order at http://www.takingoffthemask.com.

Hip Hop Artist/Producer The ATG Mesmerizes with Debut Single “Outside”

The ATG is a Detroit-based Hip Hop artist and producer who has carved a unique space in the music world with his “cinematic Hip Hop” sound. His debut single “Outside” and its captivating music video exemplify his visionary approach to both music and visual storytelling.

Prepare to be transported to a realm of musical innovation and cinematic artistry as The ATG, the Michigan-based artist/producer, introduces his debut single “Outside.” The song is accompanied by an awe-inspiring music video that showcases The ATG’s unique creative vision as both an artist and visionary. With a style that can only be described as “cinematic Hip Hop,” The ATG is set to captivate global audiences with his debut release.

His debut single “Outside” isn’t just a song; it’s an immersive experience. The ATG masterfully blends elements of avant-garde orchestration with grimy trap percussion, resulting in a sound that is both grand and gritty. The instrumentation notably features angelic choral work, which conveys a world of fantasy and mystique. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, including classical legends like Bach, avant-garde composers like Hildur Guðnadóttir, and modern producers like Metro Boomin, The ATG has certainly crafted an eerily beautiful sonic landscape that defies convention.

The music video for “Outside” is a visual feast that seamlessly complements the song’s cinematic quality. The video transports viewers back to the medieval world with a gothic fantasy flair. The otherworldly imagery evokes the works of visionary directors like Stanley Kubrick and Guillermo Del Toro and adds an extra layer of depth to the already enchanting track. “Outside” isn’t just a song and video; it’s an invitation to another world.

As an artist, The ATG is a true auteur, approaching music creation with the mindset of a film director. Each song is a scene in a larger narrative, and “Outside” marks the beginning of this coming-of-age saga. In this sonic odyssey, The ATG’s distinct and commanding voice acts as the guiding light.

To experience the magic of “Outside” and to stay updated on The ATG’s journey, follow him on Instagram @theoneatg and listen to his music on Spotify and YouTube.

Multi-Platinum, Super Producer Ghost-Kid aka Hot sauce gearing up to take over the summer with some monster HITS!

With a net-worth of $100 million if you don’t know Ghost Kid, then you should. He is one of the most sought after and diverse music producers in the industry, mastering every instrument and producing every genre of music for the likes of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Diddy, Chris Brown ,Dababy, Usher, Jay Z and many more of your favorite artists. 

The Tri coastal producer born in North Carolina, raised in south-central LA has been in Miami and Atlanta diligently finishing Usher’s new album. Aside from the millions of dollars, Ghost has already accumulated from being such a successful producer and songwriter in the music industry his new management Bangvillage just secured a million-dollar label deal which will enable Ghost to put out his own artist under universal music group.

When sitting down with Ghost and asking him how do you create these Hit records? This was his response. “My process for making a hit record is very different. I have the formula,” “I don’t guess, I don’t wonder. I simply ask the label and the artist what are you going for? And I just dial up the music as if it was a computer in my brain.”

Drippy J Heats Up the Charts With “Lotta Things” feat Toosii

Captivating, dynamic, royal, and spellbinding are the adjectives being used to describe rising star Drippy J. The young wordsmith has established himself on the music landscape over the last couple of years. He delivers boundless energy and electrifying verve combined with a stirring mix of gritty, lyrical, thought-provoking Hip Hop anthems. Drippy J’s unmistakable flow, dynamic lyrical prowess and effervescent on-stage persona have marked him as one of the most distinctive artists on the contemporary independent music scene.  

Drippy J is building a solid movement one fan at a time. His songs convey an element of “truth” and “realness.” His music combines raw intensity and originality with hard hitting beats. The bold rhyme slinger has never been afraid to take risks in pursuit of raising the bar to becoming a better artist. “I’m a young man that knows how to enjoy life while staying focused! I love my family and look forward to the times spent with the older people in my life listening to wisdom,” states the rapper. This young man has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. 

Equally important, Drippy J is being heralded for his unapologetic authenticity. A myriad of music fans are also impressed by his well-executed versatility.   According to Drippy J “The Drip is in you; it starts with a mindset and a heart condition! You make fashion, fashion doesn’t make you! You must identify with your inner self! Feeling empowered and confident exudes energy and your outfits are an expression of your inner love for yourself! It’s not about the cost or brand, because you are the brand! Self-love starts with self-reflection!”

Drippy J has big dreams and big talent to match. He is shaking up the independent music scene with his critically praised and fan-approved singles and live performances. He has performed at such major music festivals as Rolling Loud in Los Angeles and The Vivid Music Festival in Miami. There’s a lot of vision and passion behind his music. Drippy J offers that rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and creativity. He’s not just a rapper, he’s a winning brand. He’s a budding rap star with a heart of gold. His latest single is a Bonafide street anthem called “Lotta Things” featuring Toosii. The track was produced by Ghost-Kid. The song “Lotta Things” is the manifesto of a rapper who has a lot to give and even more to gain.

Steam Drippy J “Lotta Things” feat Toosii

SmartLink: https://drippyjfeattoosii.fanlink.to/lottathings

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV6XY8hLPqs

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_drippyj/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@official_drippyj

Singer/Songwriter/Producer AndronLarcell is on a “Mission”

Recording artist AndronLarcell is one of the top aspiring R&B/Pop artists to watch in 2023. He was born in Charleston, SC and raised in Duval County in Jacksonville FL. The incredibly gifted, multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has honed a refreshing style that combines party vibes with life issues and food for thought. AndronLarcell’s intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. He has an international appeal, and his music ascends above regional boundaries.  

True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above. AndronLarcell elegantly unites the smooth vibe of classic soul songs with the innovative sounds of today’s R&B and Hip Hop music. He is a very gifted drummer as well. He creates musical murals with his songs. Andron approaches every note with fearless class. His voice is pure and authentic. He has been building a steady and loyal following with his cover songs. Additionally, some of his musical influences include Khalid, Drake, Mali Music, Giveon, and T Pain. 

Moreover, AndronLarcell crafts songs which capture the essence of the human spirit. He spins stories of love, lessons learned, conflict and resolution. Armed with a pen, a microphone and an unshakable will to succeed, this unique singer is already making an impact on the independent music scene and beyond. He’s a one-man music maestro who does the writing, singing, orchestration and producing on his music compositions. He is currently heating up the streets with his single “Mission.” The song is garnering kudos from DJs across the country. Also, AndronLarcell is gearing up to release the song “Out the Box.”  Respect the grind and join his movement.

Website: www.andronlarcell.com

New Artist Alert, Madame Ashley Explains Her New Single “Invested”

Madame Ashley grew up using music as a way to escape from the chaos of the world. She had major influences in the studio being around “Ogs” and showing up to as many local shows as she could. She will be the first to tell you that dancing and free-styling was her way to get pressure off her back in a city full of mayhem. Music made her feel free. When she lost her children’s father she went into an extremely dark place. With all that transpired in such little time, she felt the guilt of being a single parent and decided to try and end her own life. She believes an angel was looking over her that day and brought specific people around her that woke something up inside her that was brewing for years. Madame Ashley finally felt her calling in this world and wanted to let that inner joy out for all of the world to see. She strives to remind other artist that they are not alone in this world. We all share the same joy for music. It’s universal.

Madame Ashley just released her single “Invested” at the top of this year.
She states that “During the whole pandemic a lot of my friends were outside having the best time of their lives while I stayed home and invested in my craft, my music and myself.” The song “Invested” is about how Madame Ashley stayed home and invested into herself and how she manage to do it. We could all take a chapter out of her book.

One thing that Madame Ashley certainly brings to the table is her voice is so unique and she seems to embellish into new sounds and styles on almost all her songs. It is as if she likes to bring different characteristics to the microphone. She describes her music as “west coast, east coast and down south with touches of R&B, Drill and Trap”. A lot of styles to clash together, one may say, but it does bring back some uniqueness that has been long missing in the music industry today. When asked who her major influences are she states some names like Aaliyah, Da Brat, and Cardi B. She feels her and Cardi B have relatively similar stories when it comes to upbringing and lifestyle.

The message she would love to give to everyone, especially her fans is “It doesn’t matter your age, size, or color you can be anyone and do anything”.

Lastly, she is currently working on an Ep following a full album. She promises to give us a summer vibe this June.

Follow Madame Ashley
IG iamthemadame

Dominion Hill Records Signs Deal with Roc Nation Owned Equity Distribution 

“Dominion Hill Records is a mentality,” says label founder and CEO Rhasun. Dominion Hill will be the new industry standard and a new way of thinking when it comes to label operations and the creative aspect of releasing master recordings in the digital era. Dominion Hill Records navigates recordings through the distribution platforms with major label support while artists retain the rights to their masters and publishing. 

Equity Distribution is owned by Roc Nation. It’s a global music distribution platform. The platform boasts partnerships with 125 digital service platforms in different territories across the world. Equity distribution has been a home to various artists. Rapper CJ of “Whoopty” fame began his music career with Equity. He released his super successful single “Whoopty” under the Equity umbrella. CJ went on to sign an $8 million deal with Warner Music. 

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the Equity family. The meeting with Equity Distribution Director Rell Carter was a good vibe. The organization is a perfect fit for the future of Dominion Hill.  This opportunity has added a few elements needed to bring the Dominion Hill vision all together, Stay tuned for some incredible music releases, tours, events, and cross marketing initiatives,” cites Rhasun, CEO of Dominion Hill Records.

Website: https://dominionhillrecords.com

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