DJ Bad Gyrl, one of the leading voices of Internet radio, often referred to as the “Voice of Las Vegas” comes second to none with her daily Morning Mayhem Show and The Black box Series on 22.3 TOVR.  DJ Bad Gyrl is regarded as one of the most influential voices in the radio community according to various media sources. I spoke with DJ Bad Gyrl about her station model, guiding principles, and the importance of inspiring others. 

Over the years, DJ Bad Gyrl has built herself a number of solid relationships with some key players in radio such as Hall of Famed Bruce “Commander” Garrett. With DJ Bad Gyrls sexy soothing voice and successful career makes her no stranger to the industry as a matter of fact, she could almost be considered a vet in the radio game. She has been called the brainchild behind 22.3 TOVR and 22.3 TOMR. Our team at Billboard is so excited to interview DJ Bad Gyrl. 

Billboard: Describe DJ Bad Gyrl in 5 words?

DJBG: Mother. Visionary. Rebel. Fearless. Leader

BB: Congrats on opening your sister station 22.3 TakeOver Miami Radio. How do you juggle 22.3 TOVR and TOMR? 


Sometimes I ask myself that same question. Ya know what I am good at multitasking and I am very organized when it comes to setting up what is priority. I don’t have much of a personal life. I am always working but I am definitely on a mission so I don’t have time to do anything else.Good thing I have partners in Miami that help with the station. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

BB: How would you define the DJ Bad Gyrl brand and the movement you represent? 

DJBG: My DJ BAD GYRL brand is what I call Rebellious.  A REBEL with a cause. I am a free spirit, I don’t like rules and I live life by my own standards. I don’t like to be controlled at all creatively, or in any regard period. The movement as far as 22.3 goes I want to build leaders, men and women. I want to build leaders to not only lead but build fearless leaders to create the dreams they want. With all this knowledge in business I realize I have a lot to give and a lot to teach. If anyone wants to learn from me, I am all about it. 

BB: At what point did you realize your voice was impactful and capable of influencing the people? 

DJBG: When I was told by a mega superstar in the media that I could use the airwaves to either inspire or destroy. I thought “Wow, that was powerful.” I knew then I would use the platform I was given to empower others and entertain the best way I could. Influence is a powerful word. I knew I had influence even back in high school when I used to dress differently and girls would copy. When you have influence you have to be careful how you use it. I want to influence people to do better, be better, and think better. Trust me having influence over anyone positively makes me very happy. I think we should all want to help inspire others to be their best. 

BB: How would you compare your radio station to other internet radio stations in Las Vegas? 

 DJBG: I hope this doesn’t come off rude, but I don’t ever use comparisons to measure myself or my station. When you compare yourself or your brand to others you lose focus of your own vision. It’s dangerous to start making comparisons because that means you’re not really happy with your inner scorecard. As far as I am concerned I am creating the blueprint in my own lane.  I know three stations here that have been trying to imitate almost everything we have done. Copying us by trying to create an award show AFTER I had mine at Park MGM, down to copying content schedules, but I am flattered by it. Again, it’s the influence, and I am ok with that. Clearly, it’s worth copying.  

BB: What has given you the drive to continuously push yourself to do more? 

DJBG: To be honest I wake up, and I feel motivated because I love what I do. Of course, my family drives me, but ultimately I am self-driven. I have no issues getting up and getting what I want. I create the life I want, and I don’t waste time thinking if I should,  I am in beast mode most of the time.

BB: What made you decide to attempt a Guinness World Record that is very impressive? 

DJBG: I decided to do a World Record because I wanted to be the first to do it in Las Vegas and in the World. Only five percent of people ever set a record. I can say now I am a part of that five percent, and it was a four-year project. I know a lot of people think this happened overnight but I actually applied in 2017, got accepted in 2019 and then executed this May 23rd three days before my birthday. To make it even more amazing we did this as a team on our actual proclaimed day in the City of Las Vegas.  I am all about challenging myself to do things nobody else has ever done. 

BB: How do you feel now that you completed this wonderful accomplishment with the Guinness World Record? 

DJBG: I feel relieved, and it took me some days to catch up on my sleep. Nonetheless, if it wasn’t for my team I couldn’t have accomplished this, but that’s what we do. We are amazing at teamwork.  I am happy we are now a part of such an amazing brand like the Guinness Book of World Records. 

BB: Tell us the downside of the internet radio industry as the CEO that we don’t know? 

DJBG: I’ll try to give you the short answer. I am going to be one hundred with you over the years. I have seen folks that come in and try to absorb game from me and leave. I have had folks try to tell me how to run this business, and they never had a business a day in their life. Furthermore, I have had folks try to criticize everything under the sun from the equipment, the chairs, literally anything they can think of to get out of paying their airtime. Not only that, but I have had an ex personality lie about having cancer to get out of paying her air time. I still have disgruntled past personalities who talk the worst sh**  just to justify why I cut them from the team. However, I know the truth and I am okay with their opinion.  In business there’s a downside to everything: you must have thick skin to deal with the silly stuff. I am personally not bothered by it. I am way too busy to even respond to it. 

BB: What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced that have shaped your career? 

DJBG: I have had personal challenges such as trying to have a successful relationship doing what I do. I am so busy, and it gets very difficult to make the time to uphold a relationship.  If you date someone in the same industry there’s a commonality there and it could work. Dating someone who doesn’t understand the industry can be challenging having to explain all the nuances you face. At the end of the day I want to be with someone who can keep up with my lifestyle and work schedule. 

BB: What is the next evolution of DJ Bad Gyrl? 

DJBG: I try to stay present. Sometimes we try to plan the future, and it doesn’t work out. What I will tell you is I plan to do a world tour and become fantastic at motivational speaking. I want to tell my story, and motivate others to create the life they want. Furthermore,  I want to eventually open two more radio stations. Anything I conceive in my little head I always bring it to fruition. Everything I said I would do I have always done. You will have to follow me to see what’s coming up next. 

BB: If someone was interested in having a radio show with your station how would they contact you?

DJBG: You can contact me anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, via email whatever way is easiest for you. I am always looking to expand my team here in Las Vegas and Miami. Contact me any time.


 Instagram @djbadgyrlvegas 

Email: [email protected]