Alex Zarbo, also known as Zarbo, is an artist and producer who has recently focused on creating catchy electronic dance music. He draws from a wealth of experience and influences to bring the public his latest, which has hit the charts at #1 for several weeks on the European Indie Music Charts (EIMC), World Indie Music Charts (WIMC), and the iTunes charts at #1 position in Electronic Canada charts. Zarbo’s new and modern sound continues with the release of his early single “THEY LIE” from the upcoming Hindsight is 20/20 Two.

It’s based on the true story, “THEY LIE”. A song that will live on in the annals of time. Taking the number one spot on the European Independent Music Charts (EIMC) for the second week in 2022 and remaining in the top ten for the entire month of January. This comes hot on the heels of its two big brothers, Get Up and Dance and Correction in Direction, both of which spent several months at the top of the charts.

How ironic, a song written specifically to depict the lies and deceit of a small town in Canada known as Aurora Ontario, whose politicians for many years wreaked havoc on the local citizens surrounding the Town Park. Day by day, they were causing nuisances and loud unneighborly interruptions simply by granting themselves the privilege authority to dictate what the park should be. A perfect song for another concept Zarbo album due out this year. With that, much can and will be said in this album. Bringing the obvious, logical, and true to light once more.

Zarbo stated, “Because they deceived you! And when I say they, I’m referring to your politicians all over the world. We were repeatedly misled about every scientific aspect of a virus that should never have crippled our economy. It was mismanaged, mistakes were made, and no one will take any further responsibility. Again, this is self-granted authority in a world that desperately needs love, understanding, and intelligent thinkers. This has occurred numerous times in our society, both in the past and, sadly, still occurs today.”

Zarbo made reference to the English colonialist who came to North America to conquer and take what they believed was theirs, but was not. The motive was God, Gold, and Glory, but the native North Americans suffered and continue to suffer as a result. Also considering the white man, who asserted his supremacy by granting himself the privilege-authority to own another human being, thereby dictating to the world that the black race was inferior. Everything else that happened after that is well known, including the inhumane and degrading concept of slavery. All because of self-assigned authority and privilege.

Furthermore, during the conversation with Zarbo, he stated that there is much to be discussed and much to be learned. The general public must open their minds, thoughts, hearts, and actions in order to change the course of what has occurred and continues to occur. Even though the general public is aware that “They Lie,” they are doing nothing about it. Perhaps when it reaches an individual’s hometown, they will realize that it will not go away until each and every person’s convoluted thoughts are enlightened by the good, and by the goodness in their souls.

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