KG Prince is an electrifying artist/creative hailing from Denver Colorado where he was born and raised in . His initial success and drive has been demonstrated numerous times throughout the city of Aurora by taking matters into his own hands creating new vibes and teaming up with some of his current peers in music such as “J Truth” and “LMG” . Most recently KG has shown his capability for showmanship by a performance he did opening up for “autumn” on his “A Qwick Tour” at the Roxy Theater . Some of the fans in the crowd would even say “it was a night to remember”. Prince really set the bar high after ending his set with one of his most promising records titled “ZON3”. This song brings the grunge feeling to the listeners ear seconds into the song as KG gives a plethora of great bars and catchy lyrics throughout the whole song.

There’s a part in the end of the song where the verse ends and it goes into an ending hook chanting “MOSHPIT”. This song translated very well at autumns show meaning the listeners shared some of the same interest and felt some sort of connection preparing for autumn to arrive. KG then completes his set by stage diving in the crowd , something he has never experienced before, he states “Jumping in that crowd was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever experienced” . Prince has easily shown why he is one of the most versatile artist coming out of Denver experimenting with a plethora of different genres flows and production. For example, songs like “Ithinkimightdietonight” and “RRR” are good depictions of his art as a whole . In a nutshell, KG Prince is an astonishing artist to keep an eye on , supplying fans with great performances and prominent records .