An emerging Belgian singer-songwriter whose sound is defined by an abundance of grace and soul, Dounia Diamond has elegantly captured both her potential and talents within her debut single, ‘Playing Around’.
The track’s catchy R&B melodies, distinct harmonies and empowering lyricism act as the perfect indicator of the direction in which Dounia plans to take her music. Lyrically centred around a message of female empowerment that encourages other women to waste their time with men who simply aren’t worth it, Dounia Diamond’s beautiful vocal palette undeniably makes the song what it is.
Written alongside the song’s producer AyeKplayDat, ‘Playing Around’ is available to stream now, with the accompanying music video dropping on September 26th 2021.
“You don’t have to waste your time with someone who does not know what they want in a relationship. This is a message for all women”.
• Dounia Diamond
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