To meet the standards of superstar DJ, DJ Jaylo, one ought to do some key things essential in the DJ career industry. To be a top DJ, you ought to practice regularly to acquire skills that will make you unique.  Try various transitions from other DJs and record your sessions to listen to them later. Have a session to practice and repeat the things you’re good at and another to what needs to be improved. Be humble and don’t worry about money as it will come later. Thanks to my brother, 704.Bryson, who always told me to shun worries about money and focus on improving my brand. Also, one needs to determine the type of DJ they want to be and the kind of music they would like to play. Decide if you want to DJ for the clubs and house parties, weddings, and functions, or live performances and events and know the nature of each of them.

Once you get started, do not give up; keep going. Believe in starting small and ending big. You may not have thousands of fans to have gigs, but you will get there by producing good content, making good mixes, and updating your content. Last but not least, grow your brand and know your target audience. Use social networking to reach more audiences, analyze successful works of other DJs, follow great DJs on Twitter and other platforms and seek their advice.  Knowing your target audience will guide you on the type of playlist to create. For instance, the target audience could be youths, elders, or couples. Importantly, respect for fans and listening to their needs help make mixes that meet the market demands.