Shaeden Madi has been called many things, but afraid has never been one of them. Growing up between Jordan and the United States, Shaeden knows the life of an outsider and the power of forming your own identity.

A strict Muslim upbringing isn’t where most people incubate their creativity. Tradition often comes with innovation, however Shaeden’s love of her Middle Eastern roots were often in conflict with the escapism she found in the bright pop music of Western superstars like Britney Spears, Madonna and Whitney Houston—“records of artist that were inspiring, but could never be like”. This is what Shaeden calls her “Paradox.”

After studying fashion at AIU in London, Shaeden started out pursuing a career in line with her education. With a burning desire to chase her musical passions. After A couple of years and moving between different continents her hunger for her dream became stronger than a career that no longer served her.

She began working with renowned vocal coaches RAab Stevenson (Kimad Productions) and Jason Catron (The Vocal Lab) to polish her vocals and joined one of the leading networks in Central Europe called VIRTUE Clan later in 2020. As many of us that year, Shaeden channeled the uncertainty of 2020 focusing on her true passion and got into the studio with Nashville based producers KWIL and Haram Beats. Combining both the traditional influences of her upbringing with the secular music she finds inspiration in. Shaeden has created her musical universe where Middle Eastern instrumentation meets Western pop melodies and hard-hitting 808s.

This week, Shaeden is releasing “Introducing Shaeden Madi” January 10,2022 followed by a January 14, 2022 release of her dabka dance track “EL Salam Alaikum”

Shaeden will be sharing her dream with the world with hopes that her music will teach, inspire, and empower—especially those who don’t know how to find the strength to be who they truly are. By being her most authentic self, she believes her creativity can help others break down barriers, overcome oppression and judgment, and embrace their truest potential. Shaeden isn’t backing down from owning her creative freedom, no matter how taboo her music may be..Is the world ready?