tavros Zacharias, the independent artist from Tunecore.
His name is Stavros Zacharias and he is a Greek musician producer.
He is independent from Tunecore and within 24 hours his first album of 2022 had 100.000
trends in real time.
Also, many of his songs were no1 in ITunes for several weeks.
Good evening Stavros!
1.Let us know how an independent artist from Tunecore makes such huge steps in the music
– Good evening and thank you so much for your interest.
World wide record companies in recent years are not like the ones of the past and that fact was
good for me.
With Tunecore you have the opportunity to work exactly like a record company would, and
sometimes even better since you don’t have to deal with many artists but only yourself.
2. What is that one thing according to you, that made you stand out of the crowd in front of all
these other artists, having your own audience?
– Well, I could easily say that I got quite lucky in my life, since I had the chance to meet a really
important person with gold and platinum records. A Sony artist is the Giorgos alkaios , who taught me to have
patience, scheduling and to work hard when it comes to music.

3.Tell us a few words about the “Ragnarök” album.
– “Ragnarök is an album that brings us back to a Vikings Era and Scandinavian mythology.
It’s an album that took me almost a year to complete.
4.Let us know about your future steps.
-Well, I have five more albums ready with different types of music. So, after “Ragnarök” is put
into action, I will go on with the release of those. Meanwhile, I’m in contact with many
companies about having a collaboration.
5. How did the pandemic affect your life?
-I could say I’m with the lucky ones since the pandemic didn’t really change my way of living. On
the other hand, I could say that the pandemic functioned as a booster for me since I had plenty
of time to work on my projects.
It’s an accepted fact that those times are hard for many people and we all need patience and
strength to keep up with the pandemic.
Thanks a lot. We wish you lots of luck in everything you do!
– Thank you and may we all have a creative year!