Misty Blanco new genre of music “Melodic Bop” with new single “Music Box” is taking over the sound waves internationally on our Billboard charting radio station. Misty Blanco is the new trend of music as she announced she isn’t a rapper anymore she states being a theatrical blaquanese rockstar. Misty Blanco becoming a “Rockstar” while introducing this new sound of music called “Melodic Bop”, has gain the attention and interest of the world causing a frenzy in Asia and Africa. Today in music their isn’t anything new or exciting every artist has been using the same formula sex sells, or drug money talk, or hate, killing and violence causing this competitive industry to become boring and dumbed down with lack of cleverness, everyone sounds and look alike with no distinction, while have the same conversation over different tracks. However Misty Blanco has created a new sound of music “Melodic Bop” which has made her the new artist who has separated herself from the rest and very easy to identify. Misty Blanco was first introduced to the world by MTV’s Making The Band 2 with P Diddy with her distinctive raspy deep voice causing Diddy to compare her to the rapper “Scarface”. Misty Blanco aka Mysterious became a Billboard 5x plaque receiver for appearing as a performer and writer for her verse on Da Bands album “Too Hot For TV” song “How U Like Me Now”, in 2003.

Misty Blanco went from being a Grammy nominee to being nominated in 2018 for her hit song “Who You Talkin Too” joining the nominee list that year with Jay Z, Rick Ross, Travis Scott, along with her former mentor P Diddy & Cardi B (with Cardi B wining that year) Misty Blanco released songs with Rick Ross, 2 Chaniz, Yo Gotti, & Future Hendrix causing Misty Blanco’s name and reputation as a must have female feature with a unique style of music called Melodic Bop Misty Blanco album “Interviews With A Goat” is highly anticipated with leading single “Music Box”. charting quickly across the world. Misty Blanco is being recognized by us here at Billboard for this new sound of music “Melodic Bop” quickly charting with her new hit single “Music Box”. Melodic Bop is already predicted to be the dominant sound of music that will drown out other frequencies making music refreshing, entertaining and fun again. Music Box will be on all platforms February 6th, 2022.

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