Refreshing is the very first word that comes to mind when you hear Colombian born singer Melissa Calderón. Compelling enough, Melissa fuses her soulful energy with her love for pop. Her newest song “Just Imagine” is sung in English and Spanish highlighting her ability to display biculturalism in her artistry. The song is filled with high vibrations and uptempo frequency. Melissa takes the subject of love and turns it into a fantasy to reflect on reality. In the lyrics she confronts her man to “imagine” what life would be like without her. This is her way of getting him to “come back to reality”, implying that her love is the best thing he ever had until he shattered it. Now Melissa is through with being with him and needs him to face reality.

Melissa sings with a gentle tone that is slightly airy and gradually builds into a strong belt at the chorus. While she expresses the emotions in her lyrics, Melissa hits her notes in an agile, yet rich soft and warm register. In Melissa’s words, “Just Imagine” talks about “a relationship that has gone wrong because one of the people involved just stopped putting effort into it.” It’s a message for people dealing with toxic relationships to come to terms to realize when it’s time to leave a person behind, it’s time because you deserve more. She wants everyone to see that when you finally realize what went wrong you’ll begin to see how much more you’re worth.

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