We had gone to see Peter play live just before Covid-19 exploded in the U.S. His songs are very nicely crafted and catchy… the folks around us thought, maybe Beatles mixed with Moody Blues and John Mayer. He had also played Drums for a Stevie Nicks Cover Band on the same night we saw him. We downloaded his CD from 2011 ‘Don’t Look Now’ and then found some more recent cuts on Spotify and iTunes.


His new stuff has a lot ethereal leanings towards spiritual questions and what’s this life all about type of subjects. We can also hear the very smooth female vocals in the background , reportedly his two daughters Amanda and Melanie. Seems Melanie makes a living in musical theatre and Amanda is an accomplished professional dancer. Peter is currently working on The CD titled ‘Eternal You’. Looks like four of the songs were already released while another three are currently being worked on in the Recording Studio. Singer writes on piano and guitar and say’s he gets better ideas and inspirations by going back and forth between the two instruments. He has 100’s of musical ideas recorded on an iPhone app… Singer say’s sometimes while driving the drone of the engine may incite a melodic idea.. If you’re in need of some really cool musical
environmentally friendly pop tunes, you are definitely encouraged to download some of Singer’s material.