Jeff Tarver created Inner Artist Performance Studios with a vision to provide accessible, industry standard training for musicians and actors. With a strong mind for business, he has taken a small company, starting in Atlanta, GA and grown it across the United States to over 40 states. “I am thrilled by the growth and positive response we have from our clients about our program; It truly is something unique, built and created for beginners and professionals alike.” In speaking with Jeff, his drive and passion at the young age of 26 is notable, as well as his personal talent as a singer and pianist having performed professionally himself. 

What is it that made you begin this business?

“There is a strong need for the work that we do. The entertainment industry is difficult and quite perplexing to clients who have a talent, but don’t know how to market or utilize it professionally. I have experienced this personally, spending a great deal of money to talent agencies with no results for my financial investment. Pairing the business side of the artist to quality training from instructors who are actively performing across the United States brings a unique edge to the artists we work with. In my first teaching jobs, I found that having one set curriculum and way of doing things was suffocating to the client. It is my belief that every artist is different with various skills and weaknesses; This must be addressed on an individual level, not by a one size fits all approach. At Inner Artist Performance Studios, I am most proud of the personal commitment we have to each of our artists. We are always listening, checking in, and improving on ways we can better serve and ultimately help our clients reach their goals. I like to say that both our business and the artist are on a journey together; It is our mission to assist and be a positive, beneficial voice.”

In doing research about Inner Artist Performance Studios, we discovered this studio to be the first in the South East to offer what Jeff called “Pandemic Relief Packages” to clients. When the pandemic first began, Jeff said he witnessed large number of clients experiencing job loss and the inability to afford their training. He quickly stepped into action, providing internship opportunities, financial aid, and pay as you can systems so these clients did not have to discontinue their journey. 

What do you love most about the work you do?

“My clients and staff, first and foremost. Currently, we have a remarkable staff based out of Las Vegas, New York City, Orlando, Boston, and Mississippi. Our staff’s passion for the work they do is evident and it translates directly to our clients’ experience. To be able to have the passion of our staff mixed with the individual growth we see from our clients on a weekly basis is incomparable. It is a unique thing to be able to watch a client come in, once very shy, and in a few months actively participating in our masterclasses and virtual showcases that we offer; This evolution is what we love to see.”

We are excited to see the continued work of Jeff Tarver with his growing studio. To learn more about his business or the course offerings they have, you can visit Music Lessons Online and In Studio – Inner Artist Performance Studios