Charles Anthony is an American artist from Dallas, Texas. Coming from a family of inventors and entrepreneurs, Charles has been intrigued by the melodies and beats of music all his life. Raised in Dallas and having to endure the loss of his grandmother, he learned the healing power of music and the impact music can have on people’s lives. That is Charles Anthony’s prime message he emits through his most popular songs. “I have a true love of music that will ignite the hearts of other music lovers.”

Charles Anthony has been musically influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher and Justin Timberlake. He uses some of the same melodic elements in his music with a twist of spunk that hasn’t been created by any artist. Charles Anthony uses his music to tell his story and present his perspective through relatable content and upbeat tracks.

After high school, Charles went off to college to pursue a degree in music. During that time, he realized he wanted to take his life and career up a notch by leaving school in Lubbock, Texas to pursue his passion full time.
Charles has an interesting set of sounds and beats that singles him out from his competitors. His “you can achieve anything you put your mind to” mentality has helped him set a goal and conquer it.

Charles Anthony has performed at prominent locations such as The House of Blues and Club TRUTH where an abundance of modern day stars have started their careers performing there. Charles hopes to continue gaining national attention for his music videos and songs. He is currently in the process of setting up meetings with labels who can take his music to a global platform.