An anthem to empower your mind and soul. A Swedish song by Adam 888 about embracing the future, “burning paper” in a healthy way and walking forward in life with a clear focus. The song is produced by Hugo Burvall, a professional skier and producer who makes beats with that next level feeling and flavour. Adam & Hugo created this song with the intention to make a positive nordic trap song with a lot of feeling, dynamic & story telling.

“PAPER is a playful reflection of life and a reminder to all of us to stay positive, healthy & strong. Make money, burn it in a respectful way & continue to learn & build more beautiful things with our life.”
The music video is directed by Adam himself and is choreographed by Matilda Fleberg, who recently did a big camping for DIOR. The music video is shoot on a very cold Scandinavian winter day and is a mirror of the darker aspects of the song. Light rises from shadow and we must respect and handle both.

In addition to his blossoming music career, Adam 888 also known as Adam Falk is also a professional Snowboarder and the current Scandinavian Big Snowboard Mountain Champion. In 2021 he was announced the winner of SBMC which is the biggest big mountain freestyle competition in Scandinavia.

Adam’s releases and digital image is handled by the international digital intelligence agency and the leading network from Europe and Scandinavia called VIRTUE Clan, together they make inspirational content for the world to become a more healthy & loving place.

Here’s an exclusive look at the music video, early on Billboard World Music: