On Tuesday, February 22, 2022 Rising Hip hop star GQueTv released his single “Black Fathers Matter” which takes us listeners down a path of one of the stereotypes that has reigned over the black community for decades, the absent father. To bring things into perspective he opens the song with “It ain’t easy being a Black father” a simple yet powerful statement to open the song with, in general parenting isn’t easy for mother nor father of any race but it seems the pressure stems deep in the black community.

The production compliments well with the vocals of the artist GQueTv and sets a tone as if he’s having a conversation with the audience. The speech Obama gives brings it all together as the video displays scenes of the artist laughing and spending time with his son. At 1 minute and 42 seconds long, the song is short, sweet and straight forward, leaving the audience lingering in hopes for more.

Music has the power to capture history in the making. This song is a statement piece and GQueTv hopes to inspire other Black fathers out there to step up to the plate. The lyrics are powerful “How many families got fathers missing/ We this tradition/’Cause we was scared to step up to position,” he raps—but it’s through the song’s music video that GQueTv immerses us in the Black Father experience, documenting his bond spending time with his children.

Whether he asked to be or not, GQueTv has become one of the voices of Black Fatherhood. It’s no surprise that he’s ready for his voice to reach a new level.

Photo shot by John V | GQueTv downtown Cleveland

Photo shot by John V | GQueTv 9 year old son

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YouTube: GQueTv – Black Fathers Matter ft. Barack Obama (Official Video)

Website: www.GQueTv.com