Mark Kelley new power executive shows he does have a ear for talent as he has many artists signed to his records label Odic Records such as Vida Rose, and VVS Preme just to name a few. What’s new on Odic Records? April 29, 2022 he will be releasing new artist “Gabby Gabanna” who isn’t a stranger to the lime light as she has already released a single featuring “Da Baby” called “Blue Strips” If you like Crime Mob, Da Baby, Lil’ Wayne, Key Glock, Eve, Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion, Trina then Gabby Gabbana is a twist of music you will enjoy.
Return of the Gabb serves as the official introduction to a young woman who has lived a life of adversity, matured, and come into her own since launching her rap career as a young teen. Consistently releasing mixtapes since 2017, a now 23 year-old Gabby has full creative control of her work, delivering hard raps of street life, aggressive braggadocio (“Tread Lightly”), strip club anthems (“Baller’s Club”), sensual pop records (“Like It”), and deeply personal, somber tales (“Broken Dreams”). “This album is about a day in the life of a hood chick trying to make it in the music business. Each song on this project represents everything that I’ve been through, my upbringing, being around pimps, drug dealers and surviving. I fell off for a minute due to the pain of losing people close to me. My boyfriend, my closest uncle, and my aunt who raised me all died within a couple of months of each other. I’ve lost so many people but I still dream about success, about being a star, about feeding my family, and helping the people I love. This project is the result of my pain, my hopes, and my dreams. It gives the real authentic Gabby Gabanna.” – Gabby Gabanna

60 Bars – Produced by Hit Stick
Like It – Produced by Slo Mo
PGSLTM – Produced by Deano
Tread Lightly– Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
No Pick Me’s– Produced by Smoke the Producer
Big Banna– Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
Baller’s Club (Do It) – Produced by Mob Career
Tread Lightly (Remix) ft. J Breezy, WB, and Tweezy – Produced by Hood Dreams Jay
H.A.L.S. – Produced by Smoke the Producer
Broken Dreams – Produced by Smoke the Producer
All tracks engineered and recorded by Paul “Kilswtch” Reeves @ Maximus Studios in Charlotte, NC | Album mastered by Ira Parker

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Mark Kelley
Odic Records

Gabby Gabbana Instagram IG: @gabbygabanna