Tom Proctor is an American actor. Proctor is best known for such films and television series as Lawless, Justified, the role of Biddee in 12 Years a Slave, Django Unchained, Looper, Touched by an Angel and the role of Horuz in Guardians of the Galaxy. He is also a country artist instantly dominating social media views on all platforms with his new hit country single, “In My Loving Arms” gaining 100,000 views in one month on YouTube. Tom Proctor is constantly showing that he is more than just a actor yet someone who has true talent as a musician in the entertainment business today. Tom Proctor whom we know musically as Tom Proctor Band has countless hits called:

Working Man. Working Man

God Save Me. Working Man

Lost in New Orleans. Working Man

In Hollywood. Working Man

Son of an Outlaw. Working Man

The Duel. Working Man

When Did You Put It in a Song. Working Man

Now Tom Proctor comes and wows his audience again with is hit single “In My Loving Arms”, causing a radio frenzy of who will play it first?! Tom Proctor Band sings over a beautiful lit sky off a mountain top about his love and how he
needs her in his loving arms with that outlaw country we all adore. Tom Proctor Band rather on the screen or on a stage singing he knows how to satisfy is audience and keep them coming for more. Tom Proctor Band also has a newly release single with another legend Stephen Wrench called “Born To Ride” which is quickly gaining attention across the world. Tom Proctor Band is a household name we’ve come to admire for his sound and unique energy in country music today making him one of the most influential country artist today. You can download Tom Proctor Band music and merchandise on

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