Uno-Topic, the reggaetón star who slammed into global music charts with his synth-pop hit single “Buscar,” is Latin America’s drip king.
The 21-year-old from Canada is an all-around entertainer, an artist who gets press for his high vocals, award nominations, and his looks. His explosive upturn to fame however has more to do with his eyesight for snatching details from epochal pop genres and his flair for inserting those details into hit singles.

Uno-Topic is in Los Angeles promoting his newest album, El NIÑO. He is also preparing for his first tour dates in the United States, which, as he happily informs us, “are sold out” — a considerable feat since the tour’s second leg involves cities not traditionally associated with Latin communities, such as Edmonton or Charlotte. “The fact that we’re getting to cities where there aren’t so many Latin people is immense,” he says, “We’re selling out venues and I’m so thankful to all my fans.”

Uno-Topic is a free spirit in the studio — and he’ll call for whatever genre is necessary to convey a particular sensation. “All those moments that the music made you feel… You want people to feel them as well, you know? In the creative side, I always go where my heart tells me to.” On the specific Billboard post-rave sounds, he explains: “I don’t tie myself to any kind of genre. The drum & bass sound fires me up, like the feeling of driving your car to complete a mission. That’s what I feel when listening to that kind of music, and I want to make people feel the same.” Identifying what he loved the most about music allowed Uno-Topic to think up and upgrade the genre. “I’d listen to music and say: ‘Maybe I can make a fusion out of this, find a theme, and do something that no one has made before.’ I try to evaluate how reggaetón’s doing and fill the empty spaces. And that’s what I find the most fun — the creative side. That’s why El NIÑO has so many elements.”

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