Holding 8 weeks strong, Alyze Elyse’s debut single” Breathe “has become a Top 25 Hit on the R&B Billboard Airplay charts. Being no stranger to success, the beautiful and multi- talented Alyze Elyse has dominated in various fields of entertainment from films

with millions of streams on major platforms to other chart topping singles from her movie soundtracks. The new single “Breathe” defines the true emotion that many women go through within their journey in finding out who they really are and the purpose they are suppose to serve as they transition into becoming a whole and complete woman they inspire to be. Being among many great musical talents, Alyze Elyse’s songwriting always seem to possess the truth that is relevant to the everyday woman’s life from their struggles to their accomplishments. Alyze Elyse’s song “Breathe” gives you that moment to listen, think, and refocus your thoughts to start over in the right direction.

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