The name says it all. The Strange One is strange. The good kind of strange, of course. Liken him to a mystery, you will NOT see this type of presentation performance from another artist. Taking 3 years to perfect his trademark look, The Strange One captures every part of your imagination. A mystical sight for all the senses; his presence transports you to foreign destinations- straight out of this world. Unique and totally different from any other artist, The Strange One delivers energy and lyricism not found on this planet. A sight like you’ve never seen! He commands the stage and makes his audience submit to his will. The Strange One is on his own frequency – but the audience quickly gets swept in as there is no escaping his affect. A visual masterpiece with stellar Hip Hop on the mi, it’s a whole vibe. The Strange One brings a one-of-kind element to the game – if your fortunate to experience it you will be forever changed.