Inas X is back with a vengeance in new girl anthem, Disposition! The video is strong, hot and steamy with lots of dancing, Goddess vibes & a whole bunch of empowered sex appeal. Inas X is showing no signs of slowing down or stopping. It’s been quite a year for The Trap Princess Jasmine. We’ve seen her release crazy visuals, give killer looks even slaying at the Grammy’s, take over the tech world and even put together women empowerment events. Her successful Pink Party brought out quite the A-listers and had all the girls dressed to impress in pink fantasies! She has been her living out her “Princess & Goddess dreams,” she says.

“I’ve been loving this journey of tapping into my true essence and my Divine Goddess Feminine energy lately. I’ve been enjoying learning these new sides of myself. “Disposition” is an anthem for the girls. It’s all about owning your power, being in your divine feminine & being unapologetically who you are! Why are you the way that you are people ask me. You like to show your body and be sexy and be free? How are you that confident?! I mean that’s my disposition. It’s who I am. I am empowered in my skin, and I own that. I own my issues and insecurities it makes me human. I’m a woman I have so many sides. My Disposition is who I am, and I’ve been really learning to love who I am and all elements of myself. I’m super firey, super earthy, super flowy, super airy and I added all of those elements to the video. I felt like the last air bender in the desert with my girls! It was awesome! I love just owning that power. I love seeing girls own their power. It’s our time. The more we own our bodies, minds, souls, the more empowered we become, the stronger we are. That’s my disposition!”

Goddess of Love
“I want to make sure all my new music and new releases reflect how much I am about love and positivity. The world needs it more than ever and that’s why I’m here, so I want the messaging to be clear. Love yourself more love others more be more about love.”
Middle Eastern Goddess
“I incorporated a lot of culture in the ending break down. It was important for me to own my Middle Eastern flare. I’m from New York and you gonna hear more of that in what’s coming too but a lot of my culture inspirations because it’s important for me to own who I am and all of myself now more than ever. I feel like it’s beautiful to own your culture and I want people like me to feel me more than ever and for everyone to feel that!”