Despite being a major name in Latin music today, the artist born Miguel Torres-DesChenes never envisioned a career in music. Instead, he dedicated much of his early life to soccer. While his soccer career didn’t launch him to global stardom, his athlete’s mentality has become a key part of his strategy for success.

I see [music] as a sport,” says Uno, 20. “If you are doing the job well — you are disciplined and you are focused — the coach will give you an opportunity to play an important game. Music is the same. When you are [putting up] the numbers, working hard and making good music, [when] you are disciplined, have a clear vision and defend your art to the death, people will realize that and want to work with you.”

Throughout his entire career, Uno-Topic, born Miguel Torres-Deschenes, has been an outlier in the Latin field, and even more specifically, within el movimiento. He incorporates genres not often associated with reggaeton, like house music in “Deseos’ off his debut album Timelezz.

“I think that music is infinite. When we’re in the studio, there are so many ways to do a song. You never know what is gonna make the perfect song. But if it feels good, it feels good,” the 20-year-old says. “I always have these ideas of like 360 [degree] twists, I love that. Making people say, ‘What just happened?’ It was a reggaeton beat and it’s like, I don’t know, a bachata.” Uno likes being unpredictable and spontaneous, he says, and wants to prove himself as an artist who can tackle any type of music. [My Parents] are really happy and super proud of me. They gave me everything, [now] It’s Time for me to give them everything back.”

Uno earned his first Billboard chart entry in 2020 thanks to his song Primer Beso The rising Latin star also scored collaborations with Bad Bunny and Anuel AA and this year earned his first top 10 on the Hot Latin Songs chart thanks to his team-up with Anuel AA on “Tiempo.” In January, he nabbed his first major crossover collaboration on Jennifer Lopez’s “Baila ,” which peaked at No. 4 on Hot Latin Songs. And now, Uno-Topic is enjoying his biggest chart success to date — without any assist. In August, the singer, who now lives in LA, released his grooviest track thus far — the summer anthem “Detective.” It peaked at No.1.“I trust my vision. My goals, my dream to become the best performer ever. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re getting there.”