Sandy T has never shied away from an artistic challenge, whether it’s incorporating contrasting elements into the same arrangement or pushing the creative limits of a pop hook as far to the left of expected as she can without veering into avant-garde territory, it’s certainly the most melodic ever heard out of the handful of true indie listens that has been tested out this year.

Sandy T, new single “Fall 4 You” begins with a deceiving secretive tone that quicicly grows into something lot more forceful and forward-focused than the opening few lines. There’s a dark pessimism underlying the anxiety in this groove, but it’s no match for the enticing Sandy T, whose singing is the clear star of the show even in its infancy. She’s the genuine catharsis facilitator in “Fall 4 You,” with the beat and the harmony that has been arranged, composed and mixed by an amazing team Rob Manzoli and Sue Brooks, P-Funk UK, along with her contributing engineer in the states, Dani Sinatra aka (Elleinad) she, very cautious about where she allows for a release in this arrangement. Tension is the rule of the day here, and she’s dishing it out like there’s no tomorrow.

Soul in a song is more than just a terrific vocal performance. It’s about developing a close relationship with the words and the music, appreciating the depth of a harmony as it moves from one verse slits next, and emphasizing the pace of the music to elicit as much emotion from the background as possible. Simply said, unless you have the type of talent that Sandy T does in her new single “Fall 4 You,” it may be better to avoid using the term soul to describe your music, since the intelligence behind the songcraft commands slot more respect than the current quo in pop requires.

Sandy T’s rhythm is obvious from the start, and I like that she isn’t pursuing a massive percussive force to form the chorus in this tune. Nothing is worse than an uneven arrangement th this type of song, and to her credit, I don’t get the idea we’re listening to an artist who would provide us with anything as predictable and incomplete as all of that. She knows what she’s doing behind the board and behind the microphone, and she doesn’t mind giving us a little flex in “Fall 4 You” if only to remind us of how talented she is.

Michael Rand made a comment about the new single, “I was already feeling the vibe from the music that this player has released in the past ten years plus, but with the arrival of “Fall 4 You” I feel all the more excited about hearing whatever Sandy T is going to produce in and outside of the studio next.”

Troy Johnstone stated, “Equally as melodic as it is enticing and sensuously constructed to immerse us in passion from beginning to end, I think Sandy T’s “Fall 4 You” does her brand is lot of good and only further elevates her status above that of her contemporaries in the American underground today. This is a premier exhibition of her technique and chosen aesthetical

direction, and while it lacks some of the grandiosity that her previous cuts. have been steeped in, I don’t know that this isn’t one of her most efficient examples of brilliance thus far.”

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