King Chad Retro Pop Album “Lost In The 80s” Anniversary
Is Today!

King Chad is a well-rounded, unique artist from the Sarasota, Florida area. On this day March 25, 2021, King Chad released his first pop album called Lost In The 80s.
Truly shows King Chad versatility as an artist who begin making music off Boombap beats. King Chad was born in the 90s, the golden era, King Chad somehow found a passion to creative a pop album. Which is extremely difficult to accomplish. Especially when Hip-Hop is the number 1 genre in America.

King Chad enormous taste for music, this album consists of different retro Afro type beats to it. Which how’s why this album was also recognized on billboard charts. The most popular song on this album is “Night Fall”
Lost in the 80s is by far one of King Chads timeless albums, and we all know all great album has a skit. Happy Anniversary to Lost in the 80s as King Chad continue to distribute more music. You also stream Lost In The 80s on all streaming platforms.

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