Meet DeadOctobers, an artist from Florida who is gaining buzz and recognition for his unique sound and consistently good musical releases.

DeadOctobers was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, raised in New York, and moved to Florida in 2015. During the early stages of his musical career, Deadoctobers generated a lot of attention. He only made music for himself and to vent his emotions, but after achieving over 100,000+ streams on SoundCloud, he realized this was a niche that could be turned into a solid profession.

DeadOctober is most known for his voice and lyrical touch in his musical compositions on tracks he has done. October released his track “On me” in late 2019 in collaboration with producer Jeffybeats and -SUMMRSXO. Following up on the song “PATIENCE” with the future Chicago star Neospazzalot, adding to a solid catalog that includes songs like “ALL-STARS,” and more gave him a huge boost on his career. His most recent project, “HEART AWAY,” on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Genius has been doing amazing numbers there is no slowing him down.

He might be well established and successful so far but his journey was not smooth. DeadOctobers states “ I started from the bottom, not everyone was down to help me with my dreams. He also states “ He had family and also past friendships that didn’t work out in his life because they didn’t understand his plans and his vision with music but he kept going which inspired him to push harder. We wish him the best of luck with his music career! Get to know more about DeadOctobers and stay updated with him and his future releases and stay connected with him on all social media and music streaming platforms.

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