Meaningful bars, significant zingers and unparalleled melodic intuition are credits that aren’t frequently found in current hip bounce. Alvaro Ruiz who is known as Lil Avo is the epitome of Hip Hop’s always advancing features. The clever rapper from San Diego, CA has two EPs in his collection in particular “Avo” and “Right”. Born June 7, 2003, Lil Avo is now causing a ripple effect and building up himself as a valid voice and the following overall marvel. 

His Debut Album “Letter for You” was released on SoundCloud, June 7, 2021. The collection includes 2 Bandz and Joji and contains 12 tracks that will keep rap fans captivated! Lil Avo is the response to the inquiry that rap music hasn’t posed at this point and the missing piece to Hip Hop’s endless riddle. 

Lil Avo is known for conveying hard hitting verses that are passed on with exactness, over trial, unpredictable creation that gets various perspectives from a wide range of sorts and impacts. He makes it his mean to motivate individuals with his music, however to utilize it as a course to declare a message that will alter a whole age.

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