Lakshan Pamesh is a versatile musician who has stunned his immense social media followers with recent releases including Breland, Bad Man and Shivers. He has earned adoration through his spectacular performances and fans across the globe enjoy his charismatic tracks. He climbed up to fame in a brief period of time as he gained over a million views on his most recent release ‘Breland’ making it an impressive hallmark. Among the other popular releases are ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Shivers.’

Born on the 22nd of December 1998 in Sri Lanka, Lakshan’s birth year marks the beginning of Generation Z on the radar. Born and raised in Padukka, a city located in Colombo District, he currently lives in Japan, excelling remarkably in his career as a music composer, producer and singer.

Lakshan has established a new genre in the music industry with his exceptional showmanship and talented performances. His unconventional work not only attracts, but also charms the audience of all generations, setting a spell on them with the enchanting melodies that he creates. Lakshan Pamesh is a multitalented artist, devoted to his work. He is renowned for his soulful melodies in the country music scene and has won hearts with his captivating tracks. The artist, who is known as the king of fusion in the industry, has carved himself quite a niche in the southern genre of music, with a substantial number of followers. His debut album was an instant hit and was critically acclaimed for introducing latest trends in music.

Lakshan Pamesh has emerged as a multidimensional personality who, ever since his debut, has broken the norm. Being talented in music and singing, Lakshan Pamesh is no less than the world’s sensation that he is today. He’s one-of-a-kind talent and also a digital media consultant and analyst, social media strategist, highly skilled journalist, web and app developer, and entrepreneur.

A well-rounded individual exhibiting his expertise in whatever he does, Lakshan has acquired the love of a vast number of listeners. Constantly expanding his fan base, the music enthusiast creates inspirational and motivational albums that give out positive vibes. If you are looking for the best music to relax and ease your heart, unwind, and escape in the world of peace and harmony Lakshan Pamesh’s compositions ‘The Story of Lakshan (Best of)’ is exactly what you need. The album has eight musical tracks including about me, Blood, Chill Mood, Freestyle, Its Just, My Love, Precious and Shy.

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