An aspiring 22 year old artist from the small town of Hesperia, CA that goes by the name of Wet Noodle is making waves in music. Don’t let the name fool you, this kid has some absolute bangers; with some of his hits being “Tonic,” “Underground Simper,” and “Margarita Mondays.” These are a different style of Rap and Alternative that really catches attention. He has some very unique flow patterns and the beats slap harder then Twisted Tea. He first started making music in middle school as a joke but when he got stationed in Washington he met a good friend and fellow artist YWU Apolllo where he officially picked up the mic and collaborated with the result being another banger called “Just Go With It.” When asking Wet Noodle who his favorite artists were he said “well I have a lot of influences like Yung Gravy, Ugly God, $uicideboy$, Bones, and Lil Peep. All of their music spoke to me in ways that were a fun and chill vibe but also hype when I needed it. I connected with them because their verses hit home.” If you feel like catching a vibe with Wet Noodle his music is streamable on all platforms.