Currently being played on over 150 radio stations around the world, and going Top Ten on iTunes Pop chart in South Africa just last week, Ben Hill & Posse Unit are flying high after scoring the biggest hit of the summer ‘Everybody Party’. For songwriter Ben Hill, it’s a dream come true.

We caught up with him in the West London offices of his record company Trojan Donkey, to talk about how he accidentally stumbled upon a hit single.

How are you feeling?

‘I’m ok, I slept well. I can see. I can walk. I can hear. I always say, that if you’re not in the back of an ambulance, be thankful’.

How did Everybody Party get written?

‘I was at a friend’s house for dinner. He’s a great chef. One of the best in the whole of the West Country. Anyway, he was cooking this meal, but at the same time, he was playing me this new beat he had been working on. It sounded great! So then I put the keyboard part over it, but we need a really catchy chorus, and thankfully the next day the melody arrived in my head. It was supposed to be released last summer, but something called Covid-19 rocked up, and any party was over pretty quickly after that’.

Did you think it would ever get this big?

‘I thought it had a good chance, we just needed some radio play. Thankfully, it was picked up on some major FM radio stations in the US early on. And then it just took off. It is even being played in Chile! I never thought it would be heard beyond our back garden! I’m also very thankful that I know a producer called Nick Evans. He would make my snoring sound good! So, I am very lucky. I am blessed. I’m actually off to see him this week to work on the follow-up single ‘I Love What Ya Got’. I’m having a blast’!

The ‘Everybody Party’ video can be found here:

‘Everybody Party’ by Posse Unit is out now on all major streaming platforms: