Singer-songwriter Goddess Venus is a refreshing over the edge of your seat vibrant performer. She sings sexy yet entertaining songs with a boss-like driven attitude that is inspirational. For her, there is power in taking pride in your work and being comfortable in your own skin, this in conjunction with her message, is a Success Story! Being ambitious and confident, while still being sensual and turnt up, is simply her personality.

However, the lyrical content of Goddess Venus’s music has a very profound message behind it and she wants fans to get to know that and to get to know her! Her birth name is Venus and as many know, Venus is the Roman Goddess of beauty and love. Venus’s style as well as her music represents just that and so much more. Although she has a facade of fab fashions and flossing cool dance moves, she does not want people to be distracted by this or to only focus on her sex appeal. She represents being the boss of yourself and taking control of your life. She is about women empowerment and encouraging others to chase their dreams and not to settle in life.

She is a hard worker and brings more to the table than just looks. What she wants to expose to the world is a woman who is smart, talented and who demands respect. “One is born to win, but to be a winner, one must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.” Venus reportedly stated “I want my music to be known for women not just using their looks to get in. I’m lyrical. There’s more to the surface than just being cute and all the glitz and glam. I have music with a deeper message, and I want people to get to know me and who I am. I’m pushing for female independence.” Fans can expect more music from her in 2022!