Portland’s own, Rony is one of the most battle-tested rappers in the Pacific Northwest. The street lyricist is a real-life rapper. Moreover, he does not know how to talk about anything he has not seen or done himself. Rip City is not the easiest place to come up from. Therefore, everyone in the city has to hustle to ensure that they do not go without. From the outside looking in, fans believe that Amine is the Portland rapper to look up to. After talking with Rony and listening to interviews from his peers from the city, that is not totally true. There is an immense appreciation for those artists and what they have done, but they aren’t the most accurate description of what most residents go through day-to-day.

Rony was born on September 6, 1999, in Mission Viejo, California. He later moved to Portland in 2005, where he spent most of his early years. On June, 2020, Rony launched record label RRR Records. He later signed RichDolla503, a childhood friend. Rony is always down to connect his partners to opportunities because he knows they would do the same.

“Invincible” is one of my favorite joints off my soon-to-be-released EP with RRR Records. I instantly knew it was a banger as soon as I heard the beat. I already knew what the vibe was going to be. I feel like I have a good ear for what the people want.
– Rony

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