Up-coming Musician / Artist “Or Barak” already determined as a Rockstar, Pop star, Actor, Rapper, Model and lots of slashes to his name we would say.. from being nominated and WINNING #1 Offir Prize Award for “ASIA” A movie he was given a main acting role at as “Roy” alongside Israeli fellow and worldwide star “Shira Haas” , And released his well received album “AVANT-GARDE” in 2021. But Now, Or is back with his first single for The New Year 2022 and we couldn’t have any words other than Oh. My. Goodness! His new single “All Alone” really is a masterpiece in terms of energy, delivery, and as always, He keeps at what’s he really great at: Beautiful Atmospheres, Melodies and Euphoric Emotions.

When we asked Or: Why do you think you are the hottest up-coming artist in the music industry, He quickly replied: “I’m always delivering something different, out of the box, that no one have ever heard before but still feels like somehow it’s nostalgic or familiar, Plus I’m a good boy with a good dick too – and started with a little laughter. We on the other hand did not know how to react to the situation but with Or, the music just speaks for itself, and there’s no denying that he is in fact , A precise act with his music style, fashion style and visuals. One of our favorite fresh discoveries to put your ears, eyes, and attention for in 2022 is most definitely: Mr. Or Barak

Here’s his new single “All Alone” that just dropped everywhere for the New Year’s EVE